Cypherpunks: articulates and challenges Internet freedom


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  1. James says:

    I can’t believe an author managed to pack 4 spelling errors into two of the authors’ names in this one post! That’s efficient ;-)
    But it does sound like an interesting read.

  2. Yatima says:

    The “Any” typo made me think for a moment that it was “Amy” and that they’d included a women in their conversations. Hahahaha! Silly me.

  3. Cowicide says:

    Most of our discussions about Wikileaks lack nuance, and they’re often hijacked by personal questions about Assange. Whatever you feel about Assange, he is not Wikileaks — Wikileaks is an activity, not an organization, and its participants, including Bradley Manning, are engaged in something important and difficult and fraught, and there is a place for a debate about whether the tactics of Wikileaks best serve a the strategic end of a free and open Internet in a just and humane society.

    Finally…  an actual discussion of importance instead of trite bickering!  Loving it!

  4. bernardo parrella says:

    and despite that rushed link, finally a book that you can not get from mr. bezos, just get it from the source, a wonderful publisher called OR Books:

  5. Gordon Stark says:

    I sat and watched the entire video interview online that this book is a transcript of.  I can say I was very surprised and captivated that Julian was letting people know the harder things to describe, of greater scope, and that the things he is saying, as he is, are extremely important and true, despite how to some they might seem fantastic.  It was the first time I ever heard Julian speak in a manner that sum’s up all he is now witness to, on a larger scale.

    I highly recommend either watching the video, or reading the transcript, to everyone, not just those attending to or ignoring things about Julian and Wiki-leaks, but everyone, for here he is speaking very lucidly and eloquently about the full scope of very big things being done in these times, (now that they -can- be done, some ensure they are those who do them), and the time you spend attending to these words would be enlightening, and well spent.

  6. KeithVa says:

    “…and they’re often hijacked by personal questions about Assange.”

    Wow, it’s almost like somebody set Assange up in order to make that happen.

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