Night Of The Living Dead (1968): 3 different prints at has three different prints of George Romero's fantastic zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead.

1. Raw untouched video master - how the film has been seen on late night TV and PD video's and DVDs for years.

2. A remastered version of the film presented in HD.

3. Rare international widescreen theatrical release print presented 16:9 enhanced.

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)


  1. Very cool, but… gah… the widescreen print should be eradicated.  That ain’t the shape George shot it for, so all you’re doing is chopping off the top and bottom of the image to fit new TVs.  At least the colorized atrocity isn’t being preserved there.

    1. You are correct. I just compared the 16×9 version with the “remastered HD” version – which I also doubt, incidentally is HD. It’s not. It’s 1024×744. However, it looks like a much better copy and it’s the largest version.

      The 16×9 version (1024×576) is overexposed, scratched and dirty.

      The one called “Original Video” is 640×480. It is also overexposed, scratched and dirty, but in a different way from the 16×9 version.

      Advice: download the “Remastered HD” version which is 1.8GB. From the initial images it looks like a marvellous print. It’s so clean you can’t tell whether it’s playing or not.

      1. Yeah, shame.  A couple dozen distributors have sold that movie on video, DVD, and Blu-Ray over the years without paying Romero a nickel.  NOTLD essentially entered the public domain when its original title was changed from Night of the Flesh Eaters to Night of the Living Dead and the distributor neglected to include the copyright notice in the new title card.


        1. Of course, George Romero might have tried making some new films that weren’t just rehashes of NOTLD.

          1. Aw, come now.  He did try.  Creepshow, Martin, Knight Riders, The Dark Half.

            Weird how rarely he got out of Pittsburgh, though.

  2. It would be good if the uploader had given some provenance to the HD version, did they get a full HD telecine made from negative/print or have they ripped from one of the many extant Blu-Ray Discs?

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