Barbie's blinky dress


9 Responses to “Barbie's blinky dress”

  1. Don Hosek says:

    There’s also the light-up designs at which predate the LED tank top by about 6 years.

  2. naufragio says:

    TSA’s gonna give her a hard time wearing that.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    How to be a Star ….. Simpson

  4. Bradley Robinson says:

    I give it a week before the Real Doll version surfaces.

  5. Manel says:

    I want the Barbie light up dress for real human ladies.  So dope!

  6. Richard Kirk says:

    Did you know Ms. Barbie was trying to prove the Riemann conjecture when she said “math is hard”?

  7. Halloween_Jack says:

    Maybe it’s just the shape and placement of the heart, but my mind immediately went to the naughty applications.

  8. pjcamp says:

    Apparently computer engineer doesn’t require math?

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