HadOneJob: photos of monumental cockups

HadOneJob.com is a collection of images showing massive, inexplicable cockups that appear to be the result of terrible negligence and/or deliberate sabotage. I laughed and laughed, and then I cried. Then I laughed some more. Been there, been bitten on the ass by that (as recently as yesterday, when the guy whose job it was to close the door on my Delta flight from Newark to Phoenix broke the door in the process and put the plane out of commission).



  1. A lot of these are pretty small mistakes and many of them, I would bet, are intentionally done.  Pineapples in a watermelon box?!  Crazy!  I work for a grocery store and we reuse those giant boxes all the time.  Why waste em?

  2. OK, so it turns out the “AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report” image above isn’t actually a video, no matter how much you click on it.

  3. I’m guessing an uneven split between Photoshopped, deliberate stunt, mangled English, counterfeiting errors, and genuine screw-ups.

    All hilarious. Sometimes pretty subtle.

    1. Yeah. I have to call Pshop on the water fountain with the electrical cord that vanishes into thin air. But fun.

    2. Some are also probably due to being badly rushed.  Like the out of place paving stone.  The wrong color got mixed in.  Do we lose time and dig it up or just finish and say “screw it”.

      Some are likely not due to checking the work, like the upside down walk signal.  They put it in but no one bothered to step back and look at it.

      1. i think some of these are also a case of, “well, do we pay to have a new sign made, or do we just flip it and trust that people are going to be smart enough to understand what we’re going for, here?”

      2. I saw the upside down walk signal and realised instantly it was a corner in Downtown Portland, OR where I recently visited. I checked my photos and yep, exact same corner. 
        I thought at first that it might have been a case of some merry pranksters flipping the cover upside down one night, but if that were the case the lights would be going on and off in the wrong sequence, which they weren’t.

  4. My personal favourite example of the “You had one job!” meme: http://i.imgur.com/KaKhA.jpg

    If I could work out how to submit it, I would.

    1. Ahh good old Dick Smith, who is absolutely outraged by all those famous Australian brands outsourcing all their labour and sending profits overseas except of course when it comes to his own massive electronics company which almost exclusively deals with Asian suppliers.

  5. I’m guilty of the ‘forgotten placeholder text’ error. I made that error more than once at my new job, before I learned not to do it that way.

  6. I once flew into LAX and when we got to the gate one of the stews opened the door on the wrong side of the plane. It makes a big ‘whooooosh!’ sound when the emergency slide deploys.

  7. If I had been a smarter kid I would have totally printing up lots of “Your the best teacher ever” cards.

  8. They’d be funnier if they weren’t faked.  OK, maybe some of them are genuine, but so many are such glaringly obvious ‘shops that viewing them exhausts my suspension of disbelief.

    Also, why does a simple photo album need Javascript to work?

    OK, I’ll take off my curmudgeon cap now.

  9. I have long been thinking about trying to document what happened in the neighborhood that my sister lived in twenty three years ago.  In that neighborhood, twenty three years ago, the city did many repairs to pipes that ran under the sidewalk.  All over the neighborhood, wherever they had to replace a bit of the concrete sidewalk, the new concrete has “lPPO” written in it.  “lPPO” on each new concrete patch-job everywhere in that neighborhood.  “And what is ‘lPPO’?”, you might ask.  Well, the job was done in 1990, you see.  Yes, “1990”.

  10. The text “This page intentionally left blank” is generally not a screw-up.  In important legal documents it’s there so people can be certain that there isn’t a page missing because it was unintentionally left blank.

    1.  The classic Infocom text-adventure game Zork I has this written on a wall at one point, as a homage to old computer manuals that did it.

      1. I suppose I should add that the logic bomb of the phrase still amuses the heck out of me.  It’s just not a mistake ;).

    2. But why do they print ‘This page intentionally left blank’ on different colour paper to the actual text?

      1. If it’s a bound document, I couldn’t tell you since I’ve never seen nor prepared that. If the document isn’t bound it’s likely because the blank page is a placeholder and the different color makes it easy find it to replace it with the final page.

  11. Utter fail with the very first picture. The idea is that the handrail should be running parallel with the stairs, not at an angle to them, right? But if you look at the picture, it’s obvious what happened: the screws on the upper attachment point broke, and so did the ones on the lower one, leaving the handrail to pivot on the middle attachment point. Looks like it would be a simple fix in less than five minutes (not counting the trip for new hardware).

    The creator of this site had one job

  12. Flaws and imperfection are the engine that drives life. It’s all there in Darwin, when viewed from the right angle.

    1. Try a different browser.  IE was black screen, but Firefox worked fine.  I’m not sure why a simple gallery needs to be so complex.

  13. Is it irony that whoever put this together had just one job: make a navigable web site and they cocked it up.

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