Jacob Appelbaum's 29C3 keynote on the out-of-control surveillance state

Jacob Appelbaum's keynote from 29C3 -- last December's Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg -- is a riveting hour on surveillance, freedom, and the wild, criminal lawlessness of the NSA and other spy agencies. Jacob's factual, methodical laying out of the growth of American surveillance is brilliant, terrifying and enraging, and it left me wanting to rush to a barricade. Jacob's insights into how we are coping with the surveillance state and why that needs to change are terrific. Someone make a transcript of this, please.

Jacob Appelbaum 29C3 Keynote: Not My Department (via Schneier)


8 Responses to “Jacob Appelbaum's 29C3 keynote on the out-of-control surveillance state”

  1. johnnyaction says:

    Really good talk. /waves at NSA

  2. BrianOman says:

     Great. I thought the NSA was mostly spying on ‘mericuns. Now here I am shivering in fear in the Yukon. Damn you Applebaum!

  3. phantom walrus says:

    This man’s a straight-up modern day hero. I am extremely thankful he exists & am setting up a Tor router this weekend.

  4. Not to derail the conversation here, but what is he wearing and where can I get a shirt like that?

  5. Promethean Sky says:

    What he said about ‘why aren’t you running a tor relay?’. Well, I’m inspired.

  6. Bear Naff says:

    Applebaum’s such an interesting character.  So very flawed as a person, but also capable of doing so very much good.

  7. Xeracy X says:

    “Someone make a transcript of this, please”…. Not your department, eh?

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