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8 Responses to “Jacob Appelbaum's 29C3 keynote on the out-of-control surveillance state”

  1. johnnyaction says:

    Really good talk. /waves at NSA

  2. BrianOman says:

     Great. I thought the NSA was mostly spying on ‘mericuns. Now here I am shivering in fear in the Yukon. Damn you Applebaum!

  3. phantom walrus says:

    This man’s a straight-up modern day hero. I am extremely thankful he exists & am setting up a Tor router this weekend.

  4. Not to derail the conversation here, but what is he wearing and where can I get a shirt like that?

  5. Promethean Sky says:

    What he said about ‘why aren’t you running a tor relay?’. Well, I’m inspired.

  6. Bear Naff says:

    Applebaum’s such an interesting character.  So very flawed as a person, but also capable of doing so very much good.

  7. Xeracy X says:

    “Someone make a transcript of this, please”…. Not your department, eh?