Mathematical knitting


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  1. welcomeabored says:

    I know a few weavers who do not knit much, precisely because it isn’t ‘mathy’ enough for them, and several knitters who did not gravitate toward weaving because there was too much math involved.

    OTOH, I’ve met three engineers (all male) who knit very complicated patterns and will be delighted to purchase any book that further tickles their brain lobes with mathematics.

    Prediction:  All the hipsters will be wearing Klein bottle hats in 2014.

    • karl_jones says:

      If you will be wearing a Klein bottle hat in 2014, you are in fact wearing a Klein bottle hat right now in 2013.

      Meanwhile, in 2014, your head is the case study:  this is your brain in 2014, this is your brain in a Klein bottle hat ….

  2. ciphin78 says:

    It almost looks like a “Thneed”.

  3. oschene says:

    It’s sarah-marie belcastro.

  4. IronEdithKidd says:

    I’ve been knitting since I was 9, and this is not even close to how I would knit a more-or-less cylindrical object.  Double point needles exist for exactly this kind of work, and I really do not like seams. 

  5. trillian says:

    My math teacher gave this to me as a good-bye present. Great, now the mystery’s vanished…

  6. Richard Marinos says:

    I feel like I NEED to toss in my hat for Cliff Stoll, the genius over at, who has been making these, and glass zero volume four dimensional projections for many years. Come for the beautiful handblown glass, including the biggest klein bottle ever, but stay for the hilarious math in jokes and ramblingfs

  7. Rich Keller says:

    Has anyone been geeky enough to make one of these out of chainmail?

  8. Barry Kort says:

    Eine Kleine Knit Musik?

  9. Scurra says:

    There’s almost always a “knitting” puzzle as part of the MIT Mystery Hunt (this year was no exception) because it’s clearly one of those hobbies that intersects “geek” space in an unusual way.

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