The flags really make this sign



    1. Heh.  Honesty would require me to alter that sign with a couple of red letters.  “For Insecurity Reasons.”

  1. The only blue on the sign is for the Canton (or Field) of the U.S. flag, so in addition to incurring additional cost of a two-color silk screening process, there is also the previously non-existent issue of registration (getting the two colors to line up relative to one-another). The decorative flags increase the cost of the sign, increase the likelihood of manufacturing error, and limit sale to the U.S. market.

    1. And if they’re going to pay all that extra money to represent the canton accurately, they should at least get the stars aligned correctly on that blue.

    2. I think limited-use signs like this are likely vinyl-cut rather than screen-printed. Still increases the cost for the same reasons though.

  2. Because no terrorist would ever think to hide a bomb in a truck that’s being unloaded!

    It’s been scientifically proven that only parked cars have bombs in them.

    1. If you think putting a sticker on a sign at an airport won’t get you tackled tazed trussed, or shot if you fail to respond to a command properly, eh you know it will, give that sticker to someone you don’t like at all.

      Whoever put that swoosh on there probably has a sweet security certificate to show for it

  3. All the sign lacks is a graven image of Jesus on the cross. That, and an anti-drug slogan for the children. 

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that the use if flags was intentional from either a subliminal message of “absolute compliance” AND/OR it’s a federal regulation. 

        1. Rotarians. Why spend money on feeding the hungry when you can spend it on an acre of Chinese polyester to “honor the fallen”?

          1.  I like your idea. “In commemoration of the fallen heroes, we will be giving textbooks to poor children, next week we’ll be building a new soup kitchen and sleeping area for the homeless. It’s what they would have wanted us to do”

    1. True. I can’t answer for the rest of the world , but it looks very odd to someone from the UK. I know of just one one house in the UK that flies a Union Flag from a flagpole. I don’t know them, it’s just a place we go past on the way to visit my mum, and it is so unusual that I remember it. It doesn’t automatically mean they are Protestant Loyalists or in the National Front, but I don’t fancy the cut of their jib.

  5. Should you need to wait for someone here, make sure that you have some packages, bags, or whatever in your vehicle. While you wait, simply actively load and unload them from your vehicle.

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