Watch Criterion films for free this weekend


13 Responses to “Watch Criterion films for free this weekend”

  1. jordawesome says:

    Unless you’re outside the US, then it’s “Watch nothing for free, foreign dirtbag!”  I’m paraphrasing.

  2. Robert Drop says:

    By “for free” I assume they mean “with lots and lots of commercials”?

  3. comma splice says:

    Take advantage of this by inviting over friends and family, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, to watch Salo.

  4. Neill "Dire" Mitchell says:

    HotSpot Shield or Unblock-US is all the non US film lover needs to enjoy this opportunity.

  5. Jorge Orduna says:

    It’s misleading, not ALL of the criterion collection is viewable, just what they allow you to, which is good, but there are some amazing omissions that you have to purchase or rent. 

    • It’s not misleading — neither Hulu nor Criterion have ever claimed the entire collection is streamable, or even that they’ll ever put up the entire collection — imagine trying to get the streaming rights to the Michael Bay movies now. They’ve got nearly 800 titles, however, including hundreds unavailable on DVD in Region 1 

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