Watch Criterion films for free this weekend


All of the Criterion Collection films on Hulu are free for viewing until February 18. (US only, unfortunately.) Time to stock up on Jiffy Pop, Gitanes, and Blue Bottle. "Watch the Criterion Collection films online" (via @criterion)


  1. Unless you’re outside the US, then it’s “Watch nothing for free, foreign dirtbag!”  I’m paraphrasing.

    1. i assume no if they are wanting to give the Hulu plus experience for free for a limited time.

      I think their selection is outstanding, I’ve spent (well) many dozens of hours going through Hulu’s criterion collection with zero complaints.

    2. And not just an inordinate number of commercials- hilariously/depressingly inappropriate commercials, some of which might be considered in questionable taste, given the content of the movies involved. I mean, Lean Cuisine ads during “The Night Porter”!? And someone is going to a special Hell, for running Diet Dr. Pepper ads during “Night and Fog”!

  2. It’s misleading, not ALL of the criterion collection is viewable, just what they allow you to, which is good, but there are some amazing omissions that you have to purchase or rent. 

    1. It’s not misleading — neither Hulu nor Criterion have ever claimed the entire collection is streamable, or even that they’ll ever put up the entire collection — imagine trying to get the streaming rights to the Michael Bay movies now. They’ve got nearly 800 titles, however, including hundreds unavailable on DVD in Region 1 

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