Apple loyalty test rumor debunked


7 Responses to “Apple loyalty test rumor debunked”

  1. Ben Naua says:

    Ummm interesting

  2. C W says:

    “Lashinsky clarified that the “fake” projects line didn’t come from him but secondhand from an audience member, who had himself heard about it from a friend.” ”

    I’m a little sick of how enthusiastically sites have been regurgitating rumor as fact lately. Even Ars Technica seems to have been jumping on every trollish console and tech rumor and it’s extremely tiring to slog through their comments sections, it’s like everybody wants to be Gizmodo these days for the pagehits.

  3. StCredZero says:

    Apple is hardly unique here. Amazon also has hush-hush projects that it can’t tell new hires about. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

  4. TaymonBeal says:

    I hadn’t heard the rumor, but now that I have I’m honestly somewhat surprised that it’s not true.

  5. Pope Ratzo says:

    “Denied” does not equal “debunked”.

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