Hey, Chapel Hill! I'm headed your way today on the Homeland tour! I'll be at Flyleaf Books at 2PM. Tomorrow, I'll be in Decatur, and Monday it's a 5PM event at Square Books in Oxford, MS. I'm only halfway through the tour, too! Here's the rest of the schedule. Discuss

4 Responses to “Cory in Chapel Hill today at 2PM”

  1. Don Blackwell says:

    Cory, I had the privilege and the pleasure to hear you speak at Books & Books last night.  I was the “looking-out-of place guy” in the charcoal business suit sitting in the back of the room who conversed with you briefly after your engaging remarks. Would love to have a way to reach out to you via e-mail to introduce myself and share some of the work I’m doing.  What’s the best way to do that?  Regards, Don Blackwell (author of “Dear Ashley . . .” – A Father’s Reflections and Letters to His Daughter on Life, Love and Hope)

  2. Cory Doctorow says:

    Thanks, Don! I’m the first Cory in Google — the email address on my site is the only one I use.

  3. Jason Baker says:

    If you get there a little early, the place next door (Foster’s Market) makes really good sandwiches!

  4. kairos says:

    Good timing – this is probably the only snow we’ll get this year.

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