Hearings on sinking of HMS Bounty replica begin


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    The part that still amazes me is the whole ‘somebody took a movie prop, patterned after a ship design from an era of distinctly alarming naval safety records, into a hurricane’ thing.

  2. aurora50 says:

    Oh, B-B.  You do not disappoint!  this series of articles is fascinating, as are the comments and replies.  Please keep this topic up as long as the hearings continue.     

  3. llamaspit says:

    I knew the Captain of this ship, and while I am not qualified to speak regarding his decision to take the ship to sea on that fatal day, I can say that he was extremely conscious of the gravity of his responsibilities, and was thoroughly professional in all his activities over a long career at sea. It is easy to pick apart his decision after the fact, and to a landlubber as I am, it seems crazy to go to sea ahead of a hurricane, but I am sure he made the decision after weighing all options. In the end, it was clearly a mistake and I am sure that all relevant facts will come out in the inquiry. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all concerned, things go badly. 

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    The owners had booked the ship for an event (Florida?) the following week.  

    Did they order the ship into the storm to make that event?

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