Just look at this awesome banana Dalek cookie.


20 Responses to “Just look at this awesome banana Dalek cookie.”

  1. Rachael Hoffman-Dachelet says:

    Why?!  Dear god, why!?

  2. fr4nk says:

    Is it secretly meat inside?

  3. BDiamond says:

    But this one isn’t listed in the online store!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!

  4. TacoChuck says:

    How on earth do you get a negative flip (the image is reversed) on what is almost certainly a digital photo? Do people do that on purpose for some reason?

    Edit: In thinking about it, it is probably the image of the dalek printed on the cookie is the negative flip, not the picture of the cookie overall.

  5. Finnagain says:

    What we really need is a banana dalek cookie slicer.  

  6. pjcamp says:

    Why does it look like packing for something else?

  7. Øyvind says:

    New theory: Boing Boing is a front for that dastardly villain Mojo Jojo. The banana fetish, the “look at it” phrasing. It all adds up.
    That he is partial to eggs doesn’t really matter, imho, it’s the manic obsession with food objects that is the clue here.

    “ONE EGG LEFT?! For a nutritious breakfast, TWO eggs is the minimum requirement! And I have but ONE, which is ONE shy of TWO! And it is TWO that I need! Curses! I must immediately purchase some eggs, for I need to have breakfast, and without the eggs I cannot have the breakfast that I so require!”

  8. Jia says:

    It is simply amazing and it will be a delicious one. Cheers

  9. johnjohn839 says:

    The easiest banana cake to make, just right for using up those very ripe bananas in the fruit bowl! I make this one in a loaf tin then you can cut slices and butter them for an after school treat.

    Ready in 45 mins :)

  10. tamgoddess says:

    This one’s a bit of a stretch, Cory. Do we even know if it’s real banana flavor?

  11. Peter says:

    I think you mean (best Dalek voice): “JUST-LOOK-AT-IT!”

  12. HubrisSonic says:

    I am very disappointment in this thread. I was very much looking forward to some excellent Banana+Dalek hybrid jokes.

    Bad thread, bad!

  13. HubrisSonic says:

    This, this… my friends, is why we can’t have nice things.

  14. Awesome! cept it’s against my not religion to eat a cookie with a URL on it!

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