Mutant pizza parlor

Jenise sez,

When a new pizza place opened up next door to my favorite happy mutant cafe in Salem, MA, I had to wander in. The delectable smells wafting out certainly helped nudge me through the doors. Inside, I found the place brimming with SF memorabilia, including a life-size Borgified Picard statue acting as maitre'd and framed pictures of all eleven Doctors, with an empty frame reserved for Number Twelve.

All the pies have excellent names. I am particularly fond of the Geidi Prime, and but I also love the vegan Twiki for its phenomenal eggplant. And what could better finish off dinner than the Zhaan, a blueberry-topped dessert pizza.

As it turns out, Flying Saucer Pizza Company is owned by the same folks that own the aforementioned Gulu Gulu Cafe next door, where the bar is festooned with comic action figures and they make the best freaking creme brulee lattes ever. Add this to the enormous Harrison's Comics right across the street, and you've got a little slice of mutant heaven.

Flying Saucer Pizza Company (Thanks, Jenise!)


  1. Cool place – a few years ago there was a slightly similar place in Los Angeles on Fairfax roughly across from Canter’s Deli.  It had a kind of outer space interior with I think some black light.  Looking online I think it was called Nova Express, but has sadly closed.

  2. Portland has a fish and chip shop with a room themed to Dr. Who “The TARDIS room”

    They do fun events and the food quality is really good, and the price reflects that. But it’s food you’re unlikely to find elsewhere (had my first Irn Bru there) in a unique environment.

    The owner supports Arsenal FC, btw, so don’t wear blue and white. He’s also loud and cranky. Probably a Scot.

  3. I love this place, but I love the restaurant next door more.. no, not the Gulu Gulu, but the Polonia Cafe, the only place on the North Shore to get Polish and eastern European food. Their bigos, goulash, and pierogies are fantastic. And get the house special of Zywiec beer with raspberry syrup.

        1. I know, bummer, right? Apparently the new owners will keep some of the old, but it’s mostly going to be new everything. That seems to be happening a lot in Salem (The Flying Saucer is actually an example of that happening in the better direction after Upper Crust was shut down).

  4. I) Gula-Gula is awesome. I wish I made it to Salem more, just so I could hang out there.

    2) I’m not certain that enjoying sci-fi television makes you any sort of mutant at all at this point in history. 

  5.  I just want to know what’s on the Giedi Prime.  I can picture a hellish, blasted surface covered in all sort of different meats, but I could also be very wrong.  Please, enlighten us; what’s on that pie?

    1. According to the menu: Marinara sauce, mozzarella, asiago, sausage, prosciutto, salami, bacon and scallions.

  6. At first glance I thought that young woman on the right was having a swig of Frank’s Red Hot. Bottoms up!

  7. This restaurant may get the thumbs up in the geek chic department, but their use of Frank’s as a hot sauce of choice makes me question their epicurean decisions.   

  8. I live about fifteen minutes from this place, and I can attest that, not only is the gimmick totally fun, the food is truly awesome. Really amazing pizza and a fantastic owner (the Gulu Gulu folks are really cool). I had a pizza delivered via their new online delivery service, and when it took about 30-40 mins. longer than they had estimated, they called and gave me a coupon for a free pizza in the future. Great stuff all around – worth the trip for anyone in the New England area!

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