Watch video of a baby dolphin saved after being caught in fishing net

Above, video from SeaWorld that documents rescue efforts of lifeguards and SeaWorld marine mammal specialists freeing a juvenile dolphin that became tangled in fishing line near La Jolla Cove on Friday. The dolphin is reported to have been freed without injury. A kayaker spotted the dolphin around 11 a.m. Friday, about a mile offshore from Scripps Pier, and reported it to SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Mammals Curator Keith Yips cuts fishing line from the trapped dolphin near La Jolla Shores. The man standing, shooting with an iphone is presumably the shooter of the video in this blog post. Photo: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld San Diego


  1. Interesting solution to Vertical Video.

    Also, it’s good to see people comitted to cleaning up after someone else’s failure to pick up after themselves.

  2.  I hate to praise anything Sea World does, but good for them. I hate Sea World because they are slavers. An orca or dolphin has as complex an inner mental life as you and I do. They should not be made captive or kept as captives. Sea World needs to build down its populations and eventually close. I would love to see them make millions displaying the last orcas in captivity.

    1. They don’t, or at least, not recently. All their animals are either rescues who couldn’t survive in the wild, or were born in captivity (though the parents and grandparents of the animals born in captivity were likely acquired less than ethically).

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