Daniel Pinkwater's FISH WHISTLE free until Wednesday


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  1. madopal says:

    Indeed.  Fat Men from Space warped my adolescent brain in the best possible way.  I wish some of his older books were a bit easier to find.  I have some nieces & nephews I’d love to warp as well.

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    If you can find it, the audio version of this is WONDERFUL. Many if not all of the essays began as NPR commentaries, so listening to them is a natural.

    I used to play the tape for friends in my car. For weeks afterwards they’d use phrases like “eat pudding” and “he was daft!”

  3. Sally J. says:

    Compass! Compass! Compass! Wonderful collection of stories, I have a cassette version somewhere at home…

  4. sman says:

    Sadly, in a proprietary format and thus not readable by me.

    • wygit says:

       You’ve never heard of DeDrm?
      If you buy it, you own it.
      And Calibre is wonderful for converting book formats.

      •  How do I actually download the file? It’s only letting me read the thing in “Kindle Cloud Reader.”

        • wygit says:

          You need to install Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac, which will let you download the file. On a PC, it’s in “My Documents/My Kindle Content”.
          If you’ve installed Calibre and the DeDRM plugins (you’ll have to read how on Alf’s page) you can just drag the file from the above directory into Calibre.

          I’m going to email you so you’ll have mine if you have questions, just because I also love giraffes.

          • literaticat says:

            Theoretically this is DRM free but Amazon is weird. Feh. We’ll get it up DRM-free on all platforms as soon as possible. :-)

          • jaddle says:

            And on linux? I guess I’ll do some research on my own to see how one would do this…

          • wygit says:

             Yup… that, I don’t know.
            There are some drawbacks to linux.

          • jaddle says:

            So far, all I’ve found involves running the windows app in wine. Not worth the trouble. Too bad…

            I’m really surprised that boingboing links to amazon so often, when faced with these kinds of restrictive policies…

        • exile says:

           If you have a UK Amazon account it won’t let you download… you get bumped to the UK site which does not have the freebie.

    • literaticat says:

       Sorry about that – it will be available in all formats as soon as possible!

      • Christopher says:

        Does that mean print as well? I realize this is an electronic reissue of a 1989 book, but for the non-e-readers among us paper copies are kind of hard to come by.

        • literaticat says:

           Probably, but sorting that out is a bit trickier – we want to make any print edition affordable, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate!  More to come.

  5. Christopher says:

    As a young reader I found myself baffled by Lizard Music and The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. I liked them, but I couldn’t quite understand why, and kept trying to make sense of them. Then when I read The Magic Moscow something clicked. This was funny. It didn’t have to make sense. I just had to go with the flow and enjoy it. In that I think of Mr. Pinkwater as my earliest and one of my best mentors in both life and literature.

  6. Thanks for the link and thank you mr pinkwater.

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