Elfquest: Birth celebration

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  1. That first panel is so lovely! I’m curious about the basket of whatzits in front of Skywise. Are they edible or purely decorative? 

    Also, Reef continues to be breathtaking in every panel he appears in. 

    1. I thought the way Wavedancers move underwater was associated to gliding ? After all, moving either air or water under self to float sounds logical.

      Korafay seems to be the one who will reunite all tribes somehow. She only misses a Go Back part, but it may be a blessing for her ;)

      1. Some elves, like Surge and Winnowill, are able to magically manipulate water currents to “glide” underwater (or create “water-rams”), but I think the rest of the Wavedancers simply swim.  At least there’s been no indication that any of the rest of them have the water controlling ability.

        I think Korafay is a floater, and she’s simply floating and splashing her feet on the surface of the water — in other words, she’s dancing on the waves.  

      2. Go-Backs are like Skywise, remember? They were Wolfriders but a healer removed their wolf blood (Check the Kahvi mini-series), so technically, she’s got Go-Back in there too. ^_^

    1. Looks like it. So young and she is already a glider, amazing O.o

      It reminds of Windkin whose flying power caused many worries to his parents. Scouter and Dewshine used to keep him on a lead to prevent him to fly away :D I wonder if Brill will have to do the same.

  2. Aww somehow I saw that and I thought Korafay must be thinking’ OOOH is this all for ME? OOOH pretty shiny thing! (and goes floating to her grandma) That’s just too cute.

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