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3 Responses to “Fly on Out: gorgeous short shot on super slow motion Phantom Miro High Speed Camera”

  1. noah django says:

    notwithstanding that I really liked this film; the shorter, younger kid encumbered by a large cage outrunning two taller, older boys failed to suspend my disbelief.  it’s beautiful, though.

  2. Dr. Sideshow says:

    Some good shots in the movie but, for me, the most irritating thing is slow motion is used without a single purpose here. And, worse, it’s even full of silly moments – like the bottle crash – seemingly set up just to show how cool the equipment is.

  3. sharkzombie says:

    Truly awful acting. Not the kids fault, the director’s. Take out the forced dialogue and leave the SFX/music and you’d have a much better film