Fly on Out: gorgeous short shot on super slow motion Phantom Miro High Speed Camera

Fly on Out,” above, is a short film by Robert Kolodny from Brooklyn-based production collective House of Nod. They explain:

The film was shot on the super slow motion Phantom Miro High Speed Camera, thanks to a grant by AbelCine and Vision Research. The film is a colorful kaleidoscope of kinesthetic imagery showing off all the grit and beauty that is Brooklyn.

The story features an eleven-year-old boy who is chased through the streets, project houses and basketball courts of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. As residents of the neighborhood, the team aimed to provide the audience with a hyper-stylized look at life beneath the J train. Many of the film’s actors were local residents found while shooting on the street. From handball to sneakers over telephone wires to barbershops and bodegas, "Fly on Out" is a refreshingly classic look at Kings County.

More about Robert Kolodny, Fly on Out, and House of Nod:, or follow @houseofnodfilms on twitter.


  1. notwithstanding that I really liked this film; the shorter, younger kid encumbered by a large cage outrunning two taller, older boys failed to suspend my disbelief.  it’s beautiful, though.

  2. Some good shots in the movie but, for me, the most irritating thing is slow motion is used without a single purpose here. And, worse, it’s even full of silly moments – like the bottle crash – seemingly set up just to show how cool the equipment is.

  3. Truly awful acting. Not the kids fault, the director’s. Take out the forced dialogue and leave the SFX/music and you’d have a much better film

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