Four Seasons On Brick Kiln Road: hidden joys of a quiet place in Maryland


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  1. shocking says:

    Truly charming.

  2. This area was one of my Grand dad’s favorite spots to fish. He took me there nearly 50 years ago a few times when I was young. The blue crabs and oysters were a real delicacy to be enjoyed. It was a sort of insular place back then but somehow my Grand dad got in with them and they accepted him as a native. It was also the home of the Ward brothers who carved birds from wood having started making duck decoys for hunters when young. Check out the The Ward Museum to see some of their amazing work. My Grand dad and the Wards were  friends and he used to visit them regularly.

    • Too bad that the bay is in such sad shape that most of the oysters are gone and even the crabs (which are basically aquatic cockroaches) are having trouble.

      •  But those crabs are tasty cockroaches. At least they used to be but eating stuff from the bay today is probably very dangerous due to pollutants. I even gave up shellfish along with meat many years ago for that very reason. It’s a shame the Chesapeake Bay used to be heaven on earth IMHO.

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