Free CC-licensed ebook of Homeland is live!


13 Responses to “Free CC-licensed ebook of Homeland is live!”

  1. I received the dead trees version for valentine’s day and am loving it. I am, however, happy to see the download version as well because I enjoy the dedication to various bookstores before each chapter.

  2. Ryan Brown says:

    Thanks Cory, just bought it because you made it freely available! (and I enjoy dead-tree versions better)

  3. LennStar says:

    pdf and all Links are broken. odt works. Hope I find the time this week ^^

  4. signsofrain says:

    Technical issues? I had a non-drmed copy the day it came out. I bought if off Amazon then cracked the DRM.

  5. Cory Doctorow says:

    Sorry about the issues with the links, all fixed!

    @signsofrain: There’s no DRM on any Tor ebooks, ever, no matter where you buy ‘em from!

  6. And once again, Mr. Doctorow wins the interwebs. What a mensch.

  7. Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this! Gave up on actually buying an ebook because nobody would sell me a plain vanilla text file or PDF, but I could choose from Sony eBook, Kindle format and other obscure proprietary formats  (though DRM-free) – I wish those online retailers would also have a .txt or .pdf option for buying.

    I’m delighted it’s finally here.

  8. toobigtofail says:

    Thanks, Cory. I’ll spread the info, but I have to say that nothing compares with reading my hardback edition. Something really comforting about holding a real book in your hands.

    • LennStar says:

      Yeah, it’s a great feeling. It’s just the moment when you have a friend in your room and he can’t sit on the books because there are more books on top of them that you realise that a dead tree does take a up a tree’s space ;)

  9. Now I have to try cold-brew coffee! :)

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