Free CC-licensed ebook of Homeland is live!

After nearly two weeks on the road, I've finally resolved the niggling technical issues I was having with the free, CC-licensed electronic edition of Homeland. Many, many thanks to Nat Torkington and Ralph Amissah for their invaluable assistance. You can download and share the free ebooks from the official Homeland site. Go nuts!


  1. I received the dead trees version for valentine’s day and am loving it. I am, however, happy to see the download version as well because I enjoy the dedication to various bookstores before each chapter.

  2. Sorry about the issues with the links, all fixed!

    @signsofrain: There’s no DRM on any Tor ebooks, ever, no matter where you buy ’em from!

  3. Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this! Gave up on actually buying an ebook because nobody would sell me a plain vanilla text file or PDF, but I could choose from Sony eBook, Kindle format and other obscure proprietary formats  (though DRM-free) – I wish those online retailers would also have a .txt or .pdf option for buying.

    I’m delighted it’s finally here.

  4. Thanks, Cory. I’ll spread the info, but I have to say that nothing compares with reading my hardback edition. Something really comforting about holding a real book in your hands.

    1. Yeah, it’s a great feeling. It’s just the moment when you have a friend in your room and he can’t sit on the books because there are more books on top of them that you realise that a dead tree does take a up a tree’s space ;)

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