Larry Lessig's talk on Aaron Swartz: livestream today at 5 eastern


5 Responses to “Larry Lessig's talk on Aaron Swartz: livestream today at 5 eastern”

  1. unit_1421 says:

    Who’s bringing the bird seed and Acme super magnets?

  2. polnareff says:

    Just finished watching this. Lessig is always a pleasure to listen to. Thanks Cory! Do we know if this will be available later as a download?

  3. I was there in person.  Lessig is an inspiring speaker, and I do hope it is made available for those that weren’t able to watch the stream.  

  4. Michael Banck says:

    Lessig already tweeted about it being online:

  5. mjd says:

     Is Lessig still insisting that what Swartz did in the JSTOR case was “morally wrong” (as he did on Democracy Now)? I don’t doubt that his personal grief is genuine, but Lessig’s political pragmatism makes him entirely the wrong person to be the public face of Swartz’s legacy.

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