"Most expensive" Starbucks order ever

Beau Chevassus resolved to order the most expensive coffee drink in the world, so he went to Starbucks and ordered a 48-shot Frappuccino with every single revolting additive, had it blended and drank at least one slurp of it. Total cost was $47.30. I believe that Mr Chevassus could probably have spent more had he visited a Starbucks in Dubai or Moscow, and possibly have availed himself of even more revolting adulterations courtesy of the local variations available in different regions (caviar?).

The Quadriginoctuple Frap. Previous record: $23.60. I used a 52 oz bucke--I mean mug. (it really is a legit mug). The drink had 48 shots. Filmed in Washington State, home of Starbucks.

($47.30) World's Most Expensive Starbucks Drink - "Quadriginoctuple Frap"


  1. I would ask if the Moscow Starbucks really does offer caviar as an additive, but I’m afraid I already know the answer.

    Staying in a Moscow hotel I came down to breakfast the first morning and put a heaping spoonful of orange marmalade on my toast. I was not pleased to discover it was really red caviar.

      1. At another time, or even if I were expecting red caviar, I would have enjoyed it. And later that week I had a multi-course Russian meal that included the same kind of caviar and it was wonderful. That particular morning, though, it was the contrast between what I thought I was getting and what I actually got that made my taste buds say, “Whoa, there, buddy, you tryin’ to kill us or what?” 

  2. Two thoughts come to mind.

    1. WHY.

    2. Talk about conspicuous consumption.

    Really, I’m not trying to be moralizing, but I can think of more interesting ways to blow fifty bucks than on the Starbucks equivalent of going to the 7-11 and filling a few Big Gulps from every faucet on the soda fountain and the Slurpee machine.

      1. The nice thing about this guy is he isn’t smug or self-possessed or on any sort of insignificant “mission” –
        I think MORGAN SPURLOCK did this sort of mock-arrogant hidden-camera thing much better about 12 years ago in his “Super Size Me” movie.

        I have a down and out homeless friend living on skid row in LA who could have put even $10 of that cash to better use. What a waste on all levels. The only point this makes is that Starbucks Corp. has $50 bucks more of some chump’s money. How about buying 35 Big Macs and stacking them really high? Or perhaps buying 15 buckets of KFC chicken and setting the buckets on fire?

        1. I don’t think you can make an argument from this perspective very well- there are many, many things each and every one of us buy that don’t make homeless peoples’ lives better, and most of them can easily be written off as unnecessary by someone looking at it critically. It’s not like he bought it and just threw it away- he actually drank the whole thing, a few sips at a time, gradually. I’d say the only crime this particular purchase is guilty of is pretending to be interesting.

        2. Replace the word “car” with “coffee” I imagine..

          “and every day I make them die with my mocha frappachino”

        3. He didn’t pay for the drink. Either it was his birthday, or they used that code so he didn’t actually have to spend $50 on a drink.

          Still, I wonder if you’ve ever spent money on anything frivolous. I certainly hope not. Glass houses and all.

    1. Fancy meeting you here. <3

      It's not food, hun. It's art. It's like asking a certain mutual acquaintance of ours, "Why blow $100 on components for something that's just gonna BLINK?!" Well, because it's interesting to hack a system like this. Have I shown you the video of the two hiphop bloggers trying to hack the McDonald's menu by ordering right at the moment between breakfast and lunch*? It's the same urge to fiddle that drives the lives of most of our friends. :)

      I offer this rule of thumb: if they do it once, it's a hack. If they do it twice, it's a health problem. :)

      (*Apologies to BB folks, can't find the link. Same guys who did the "BO-DE-GA!" sketch. Can anybody help?)

      1. You know what Nero said about fiddling.

        So you’re saying this nice gentleman is “hacking” the Starbucks system?
        By ordering a drink with their own ingredients?

        I think it would be more of a hack (and definitely more artsy) if he’d handed them $500 bucks and demanded human hair and a scoop of laundry detergent in his Venti Skinny Mocha.

  3. See, my issue with this is that he picked an arbitrary number of shots.  You could conceivably just keep adding shots and bananas and such and the price would continue rising.  I’d be more impressed, or rather impressed at all, if there was some sort of limit to the amount of shots or bananas a person can order.  Realistically putting any limit whatsoever would make the game more interesting.  Like, getting as close to $50 as possible with the least amount of items in the order, or getting the most expensive drink possible in the smallest cup available.

    1. That’s an interesting point.  In theory, I could easily beat this total by just walking in there with a 5-gallon bucket and having them fill it.  It raises the interesting philosophical question of what constitutes “one drink.”

      Well, O.K., it’s not that interesting, but still…

      1.  A fair point.  I did not explicitly state that one could conceivably walk in with any sized cup and get as many shots of whatever in it as possible ( http://www.amazon.com/Accoutrements-Worlds-Largest-Coffee-Cup/dp/B006W0710Y  ).

        So then, I guess, does the game become “what will they let me get away with?”  If they’ll let you get away with anything, so long as you have enough money, then that too becomes arbitrary, sort of like those “Free” “games” in which you can buy your way to the top, like Evony or the like.

  4. ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ ~ nyc

    Also, I seem to remember there being some kind of cat butt coffee that was about as much moolah as Beau’s behemoth for a single, human sized gulp. And… wouldn’t you know it, Googling ‘cat butt coffee,’ Maggie’s article on ‘Kopi Luwak’ is my first result. Could just be my own browsing charcuterie.

  5. My favorite thing to do; order the longest drink that actually isn’t a drink, like a “tall skinny soy hazelnut con panna”

    1. The internet has gotten big enough that there are plenty of me out there offering the same (or at least interchangeable) opinions, quips, criticisms, fart jokes, and abuse… I hardly need show up anymore.

  6. It would be simple to beat his total by ordering the same ‘drink’ without bringing my own cup, thereby raising the total by $.10. Trivial. Or you know, bring the aforementioned 5-gal. bucket and just get 100 shots and 40 bananas. I win!

  7. Apparently this guy misinterpreted all the times when people called him  “bro” and said his story about ordering the most expensive Starbucks drink ever was “cool”.

  8. You know, some people don’t have arbitrary amounts of money to waste on things like this. Some people don’t feel that it is OK to waste food, the labor of Starbucks employees, the labor of the coffee growers and harvesters and roasters, the energy to ship it. These people are called “adults.”

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