Supervillains: DC meets the real world

Here's a remix of the DC supervillains crossed with real-world bad guys, courtesy of Brazilian graphic designer/illustrator Butcher Billy.

Legion of supervillains | Chill Hour (Thanks, Marine!)


    1. To be pedantic, there’s five Marvel villains and four DC, so you could argue that “Marvel meets the real world” is more accurate…

      I don’t get why Cory would specify the publisher/universe at all.

  1. I know it’s a bit on the nose (and its got more than a few photoshops to its name already), but a Cheney/Penguin mash-up was just begging to be made.

      1. Nah, it would be a photo of Cheney hunting, but with an umbrella shopped in where the shotgun is, and with his friend’s face shopped back on, because really, nobody wants to see that.

    1. You could go farther than that – Rumsfeld as the Joker Riddler, Condi as Cat-woman… for a while there the similarities were so ridiculous that I found myself actually questioning whether maybe I was living in a simulation. 

  2. I feel much less anxious about the threat of SkyNet when I see that Google AdChoices has matched up this page with an ad for Thomas Kinkade’s latest masterwork, Lady and The Tramp.

  3. I could see myself reading a Manson/Joker mashup. Fromme and the rest being sort of a gang of Harley Quins, etc. The “Helter Skelter” angle fits.

    Of course, even at his worst, Joker, IIRC, was never preaching race war.

  4. i mean, i hate Bush as much as the next guy, but putting him on the same level as Mao and Hitler is really, truly fucked up

    1. Yeah, Bush really wasn’t a good fit. Heck, I’m a Democrat, and I’d consider Obama far more two-faced than Bush. The problem I had with Bush was that he tried to do exactly what he promised he would do. 

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