To do in SF (or online!): "Farmcore," doc on '80s punk Mission landmark

On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Bay Area Film Society of San Francisco, CA is hosting a screening of "Farmcore," a documentary on...

San Francisco’s legendary Farm, located in the Mission District during the 1980s. The Farm hosted punk shows that featured such bands as the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Butthole Surfers. The Farm also hosted community gardens, an art gallery, child daycare center, and a multicultural community space. After all other major punk clubs in the city had been shut down, the Farm raged on until late 1987, when it became an early victim of gentrification of the Mission District.

I went there when I was a teenager, and saw punk bands upstairs AND goats/chickens down in the basement. Was an early site of SRL site, too. The Farm totally blew my mind, and was a big reason I moved out to the West Coast. It showed me the community of freaks and artists I longed to be a part of—and, happily, now I am.

If you can't make it to San Francisco for the screening, you can watch the film online.

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  1. Ahh the good ole days! I remember the farm well. The punk scene was a lot of fun back then. Some great clubs at that time in the Bay Area. On Broadway, The Mab, The Stone, The Omni. Gilman St.

  2. Lost me a couple of minutes in at the cheap shot of “Meanwhile in Middle America.” Hipster snobbery at flyover country (where quite a few of them, if not most of them, were from originally) has always been old and lame. I’d like to see a doco on punk in the 80s set entirely between the Rockies and the Appalachians, the kind of scene where the participants really had to participate and not just drop in on it like trust fund leeches.

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