Using Silk Road: game theory, economics, dope and anonymity


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  1. WaferMouse says:

    I just did the maths on the price of that doob in the screenshot, and it’s by far the worst deal I’ve ever seen.

  2. Michael Curran says:

    I still don’t see how this provides more than a modest increase in security to either party over transacting over breakfast at a Denny’s. Once the transaction has been made, the Bitcoins are traceable forever in each direction, if you bought or sold those Bitcoins through Mt. Gox, the government could drag your account information out of them. As the seller, you have to know that the bitcoins might be being watched, send them to any published account and the government could trace them back to you.

    • Agreed. I’m also unclear of how one receives the goods one has purchased. Like, do they just stick it in the mail? Doesn’t that come with a whole new set of risks? 

    • ZikZak says:

      Anonymizing a bitcoin transaction is entirely possible.  Granted, most users don’t bother to do it, but exchanging bitcoins can be just as untraceable as exchanging emails.  If you’re making a serious illegal business out of it, you’re probably familiar with such precautions.  Either that, or you don’t stay in business for long.

      • Michael Curran says:

        It’s not as easy as you might think. All the transactions are public and traceable, unlike email. The best you can do if “dilute” the BCs using an 3rd party to aggregate the money and muddy the trail. Trying to launder Bitcoins is like laundering a shirt with a pen in the pocket, both cases leave everything they touch suspect. Piss off the government enough and they will pound on enough doors to trace it back to you.

  3. Steve Baker says:

    Has anyone ever considered that it is actually (shadow ) goverments selling the drugs. There is no way the drug market could exist without the co operation of law enforcement.

  4. Zachary Lee says:

    what is the current adress for the road mine isnt loading anymore i reinstalled tor but no luck

  5. Promethean Sky says:

    Fascinating read. Almost makes me wish I was in the market to buy/sell.

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