Video of the Castle Magpie wearable theater/costume in action

Jamin sez,"Back in October, Cory was kind enough to post a link to my Halloween costume [Ed: this was a wearable puppet theater/playset that was so fantastically fantastic it beggars description.] At long last, here's video of the costume in action. Thanks so much for taking a look. I hope you enjoy it."

This is my Halloween costume for 2012. It took six months to plan and another six months to build. Everything is controlled from inside the costume. The kids are moved via magnets under the floors. The ropes on the front are pulled from behind to open and close the doors, revealing the rooms inside. The magpie and the ship's sails in the great hall are both hiding inside or behind furniture until they're activated. The lightning is a simple led and the kids on the spiral stair rotate around a dowel set into a heavy paper tube with a spiral cut into it for a guide. I plan on doing an extensive process post soonish.

Castle Magpie (via Jamin!)