Cory in New Orleans today!

Hey, New Orleans! At this very moment, I'm flying your way for an event tonight at Octavia Books at 6PM. Tomorrow, I'll be in Houston, and then to Austin for a bookstore event and a benefit for EFF-Austin. I'm not done, either: there's plenty more cities left! Come on down and say hi!


    1. I’d like to see one written in second-person, myself. Cory narrating his travels as a choose-your-own-adventure book…

  1. Have fun!

    Try the beignets at cafe du monde, anything at Quartermaster deli (the muffalletta is good), and for eclectic awesomeness – The green goddess.

    I really miss the quality of the food in New Orleans.

      1.  Maybe for food but Quartermaster stayed open during katrina and Isaac and helped out locals. They also deliver your food and liquor if you want all for reasonable prices.

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