Hey, New Orleans! At this very moment, I'm flying your way for an event tonight at Octavia Books at 6PM. Tomorrow, I'll be in Houston, and then to Austin for a bookstore event and a benefit for EFF-Austin. I'm not done, either: there's plenty more cities left! Come on down and say hi! Discuss

7 Responses to “Cory in New Orleans today!”

  1. Brianh says:

    Why are these always written in third person? and end with a !

    • Doctor Device says:

      I’d like to see one written in second-person, myself. Cory narrating his travels as a choose-your-own-adventure book…

  2. johnnyaction says:

    Have fun!

    Try the beignets at cafe du monde, anything at Quartermaster deli (the muffalletta is good), and for eclectic awesomeness – The green goddess.

    I really miss the quality of the food in New Orleans.

  3. Rusty Lazer says:

    If you need any recommendations I’d be happy to give em :) This town is pretty much where it’s at.¬† rustylazer at gmail dot com

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