Crows have fun on snow-covered car

I watched this full-screen and loved it -- the shades of gray, the falling snow, the playful crows. Thank you to the person who captured this on video!

(Via Arbroath)


  1. I’m no neuroscientist, but it looks to me that the crows are mimicking human behavior. Rolling in the snow and using a tool to “shovel”? Is there a animal behavior reason they would be doing this?

        1.  I thought maybe it was trying to get rid of fleas or something; but Crows are pretty darn smart so maybe it was frolicking in the snow. The Corvids are my favourite of birds.

          I watched this video to the accompaniment of the Throbbing Gristle track from higher up today’s posts. It makes for a very freaky juxtaposition.

    1. I’m not sure about crows, but chickens roll in dust in a similar manner to clean off their feathers and remove fleas etc.

  2. Seems to me like whatever the most frolicky crow has in his beak could be some kind of crownip. But I can’t be 100% certain from these pixels.

  3. Some might recall another video that went around several months ago of a crow happily(?) sledding down a roof. Crows are rad.

    1. We have a ‘pet’ crow that has practically lived in our backyard for the past 3 months. It sits on our kids’ sand-and-water play table all the time and … plays with stuff. Spinning the wheels, splashing in the water, all the while crowing to its mates to come and join in the fun! Sadly it doesn’t seem to have convinced anyone else yet. 

  4. The full-screen recommendation was a good one. I got pretty immersed. great sound too. This reminded, in spirit, me of some great Canadian animation, quiet, playful, muted and beautiful. In the category for best incidentally beautiful and authentically spontaneous web short goes to…

  5. I’m not sure he’s playing. He may be rolling down the windshield from lack of stability more than sheerful enjoyment. Throughout the video, he’s trying to eat a bit of food from his right claw, since for some reason, he seems to dislike eating it from the snowy ground.

    1. Except there’s no reason to be on the car on the first place, let alone close enough to the edge to roll; a crow who lost its balance would flap its wings to stabilize rather than roll; and finally the crow seems to repeat the act several times on purpose.

      “Dust bath” may be a reasonable explanation for this behavior, but “just falling” probably isn’t.

  6. Ah yes, the Moscow crows. We called them “mili-crows” when I lived there in the late 80’s because their gray/black coloring made them look like the uniforms of Soviet paramilitary police of the day. The story (as apocryphal as it may be) is that Moscow had a serious pigeon problem, pooping on the statues of Lenin & such, so they brought in these crows that apparently eat pigeon eggs. Now they have a crow problem.

    And that’s… one to grow on.

  7. This video (along with the one of the cat’s first experience of snow and the baby elephant playing in the surf) validates the existence of the internet.

  8. I am shocked and appalled that I am the first pedant to point out that these are not crows but jackdaws. They are too small to be crows, and jackdaws have  grey patches around their neck and breast, whereas crows are all-black.

    Very cute though…

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