Dolphins call to one another by name

Discovery shares the findings. "The researchers said dolphins copy the signature whistles of loved ones, such as a mother or close male buddy, when the two are apart. These 'names' were never emitted in aggressive or antagonistic situations and were only directed toward loved ones."


    1. There was a guy who DID that, right?  He basically dragged a waterproof soundboard with him SCUBA diving & would record, remix, & playback what the dolphins were “saying” to him.

    1. The avout in the 10 year concent are pretty good, but you gotta get the 100 year fraas & suurs if you wanna play with a dolphin.  The millennials if you wanna WIN.

  1. “I’ve told those assholes a hundred times that my name is click-click-whistle-click-shriek-pop-whistle-click, but for some reason they still insist on calling me ‘Flipper.'”

  2.  I don’t know about dolphins, but if I say someone’s name when they aren’t around, I am talking ABOUT them. So I think a simpler conclusion would be, “Cetaceans gots Gossip.”

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