Eisenhower's would-be country club fallout shelter

Bill Geerhart says: "This is a bizarre little chapter from Eisenhower’s post-presidency that I have documented. It concerns him being asked to participate in a community fallout shelter at his elite winter home at a country club. It also features an unlikely cameo from the white guy who did the black voice of Amos on Amos and Andy."

Here is a sample line:

On one such occasion, according to Ms. Hunt, the former president had shot a golf ball through their window and the Jones’s maid promptly gave the architect of the Normandy invasion an earful when he tried to retrieve it.

Eisenhower's would-be country club fallout shelter



  1. I am such a great fan of Ike — not perfect, of course, but pretty forward thinking for a man of his generation.  This just solidifies it: no, lady, unless our country club fallout shelter includes room for the caddies and waitresses and janitors, I want no part of it. 

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