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73 Responses to “Google Glass demo video”

  1. WinstonSmith2012 says:

    Ah, yes.  The future tool for high res 1st person amateur sex videos.

  2. EricBlairEtc says:

    So, hands-free search images and videos for display in your glasses? This will be a big hit with porn addicts and masturbators tired of mousing. 

  3. Dan Century says:

    All that, and they’ll just use it to put more advertisements in front of our face. 

  4. madopal says:

    Just waiting for them to wire completely into the senses.


  5. ikelleigh says:

    Can’t wait to be talking with someone who is wearing these and is compulsively looking to their upper-right.

  6. perch says:

    This is one of those things that I think is ridiculous and useless right now (I don’t have kids, fly airplanes, or need the time in the corner of my eye constantly), but in 10 years am going to be like “how in the shit did I ever live without this?”

    I think it’ll be cooler when it allows you to see broader EM spectrum, take measurements and temps from a distance, and auto-remove irritating things like billboards IRL.

    • Jot Kali says:

      You think Google, the worlds largest Advertising company, is going to *remove* billboards ? Google is astounding, but what they are perceived to do, which borders on the magical, is completely divorced by how they make their money. Expect more ads not less with Google Glass. Its a balance they have struck, we individually need to be okay with it.

  7. vonbobo says:

    Awesome videos!

    Unfortunately, my videos would consist of watching cats sleep and doing laundry.

    Looking forward to when this tech begins being used in legal cases. Forget Big Brother when you know there are 20 cameras that will begin recording your actions in split second.
    And hopefully this will eventually cut down on the cameras and phones being used in concerts and such.

  8. xian says:

    See also: Season 1, Episode 3 of Black Mirror.

    • Graceless says:

      See also also: “Rainbow’s End” by Vernor Vinge

    • signsofrain says:

      See also: Dennou Coil

    • ganarce says:

      I did think a lot about Black Mirror S01E03 upon watching this video. It was pretty disturbing. It does not make sense to order the recording verbally: Just record everything and have a good way to choose later ( and then end up in the Black Mirror universe)

    • angstrom says:

       See also the Gargoyles in Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash

      Gargoyles are no fun to talk to. They never finish a sentence. They are adrift in a laser-drawn world, scanning retinas in all directions, doing background checks on everyone within a thousand yards, seeing everything in visual light, infrared, millimeter-wave radar, and ultrasound all at once. You think they’re talking to you, but they’re actually poring over the credit record of some stranger on the other side of the room, or identifying the make and model of airplanes flying overhead. For all he knows, Lagos is standing there measuring the length of Hiro’s cock through his trousers while they pretend to make conversation.

  9. Jot Kali says:

    “Google Glass records your life in first person perspective” ….. that’s one elaborate TV DVR.

    I do love the fact Google is actually doing this. Some of the concepts shown in the video are incredible. 

  10. Is it just me, or is that little display *insanely* distracting?

  11. Laurent Ledru says:

    Just a particle question,
    i’m wearing glasses, and it’s impossible to my eye to be able to focus on anything so close  ( especially only one ) 
    did i miss something ?


  12. Fogbert says:

    Can someone explain to me how this works for those of us that need glasses to be able to see?  Is there a focus knob or something?  Otherwise, what I’ll be seeing is an indeterminate grey blob.

    • DewiMorgan says:

       Yes. The image focus depth would need to be at about 5-10m or so in order to be comfortable as a head’s up display. So, I’m willing to bet that’s about where it will be.

      • Fogbert says:

        Thanks.  Even so, it occurs to me that they would need to make a version that I could attach to my own glasses–otherwise I’d have to wear their glasses on top of mine.

  13. I’ll be pretty surprised if these see widespread adoption.

    • BarBarSeven says:

      These seem like utter B.S. even if they work. But I can easily see these things getting widespread adoption in police departments & the military… Also, the the general d-bag who wears a bluetooth headset consumer niche.

      • Yeah, other than people feeling pretty goofy having these gadgets clinging to their faces, I think about the awkward situations that in my experience still arise when hands-free headsets are used in public. I can’t envision going around saying “Okay Glass” every time I want to perform a simple task without feeling foolish, as well as annoyed that my every interaction with the device must be broadcast vocally. I don’t see how this is superior to tapping discreetly at my smartphone.

    • Vic has already stated that they have a control on the side, so no need to worry about looking silly doing voice commands in public. Plus you have the various Android watches in the works that will allow control. It’s also just piping stuff from your phone, so you can use your handset like normal. 

      Remember: this is a prototype. 2 years before we see consumer models. They’ve already stated that there are “designer” versions in the works. Plus, Apple is most certainly already working on an iMonocle/EyePhone, so widespread adoption is a no-brainer.

  14. Lloyd Cogliandro says:

    Great! Now I can watch delayed video of my skydive while I fall to my death instead of paying attention and pulling the damn cord.

  15. Les Hutchins says:

    1. Holy Fuck
    2. OMG that would be distracting.  Like, to the point where some of the skydivers might not make it.
    3. I’d feel more comfortable if I had to say ‘Go go gadget photo’ rather than ‘ok glass, take a picture’

  16. I wish Apple were developing this product so it wouldn’t end up stylized-cyberpunk hideous.
    I mostly dislike Apple but they’re good at making products that don’t look like they fell off the Terminator’s taint.

    • Um…you realize that this is a prototype model? They’ve already stated that “designer” versions are in the works. Give it a few years. The G1 was ugly as sin too.

  17. Jennifer Carrigan says:

    I can see a very practical use for these glasses – subtitles for the deaf. Some people (like me) are horrible at lipreading, and this would help so much. Assuming they improved the voice-to-text software. Google VM has this feature, and it’s not very accurate atm.

    On a tangent: would the glasses violate the required party consent for recordings? In private settings…lawsuit material.

    • Chip Andre says:

      It would depend on the specifics of the local laws.  Most anti-recording laws are written to prevent *covert* recording.  If you’re walking around carrying a video camera, it’s obvious you’re recording.   That’s why you don’t need individual permission from everybody that walks by when you’re filming something in public.  It should be obvious (*should* be) to anybody that someone wearing glass may be recording at any time.

      But I expect it will take a decade or more for laws to catch up with reality, as per usual.

  18. kingluma says:

    Watching that video makes me worry that wearing glasses / goggles with any kind of info overlay at all will be a fundamentally disturbing (perhaps even nauseating) experience simply because the eye / mind hasn’t evolved in a way that will allow that to work well… I felt like I could not watch the overlay nor what was actually in front of me well enough (hopefully the experience of wearing the goggles is better than watching the youtube video in a web browser on a monitor)… I’m currently reading this book [ http://boingboing.net/2013/02/11/sleights-of-mind-the-secrets.html  which has some interesting info on visual perception and attention (for example how the center of your gaze has better “resolution” etc.) And I found while watching the video that part of me wanted the overlay to be centered but of course then it would be in the way etc… I don’t know…

    • Chip Andre says:

      You’ll adapt.  And even if you don’t, your kids certainly will.  Give a pair of these to a five year old and by the time they’re seven they won’t understand how humans possibly survived without a HUD.  By the time they’re nine they’ll be so used to it that when they take the glasses off they’ll feel like they have a blind spot where their data should be.

  19. What would have made that video for me is if it ended with Vaas pulling it away from the camera and telling you what a nice Google Glass it is while you’re trapped in a bamboo cage…

  20. Frank W says:

    The only thing I’ll ever say to anyone wearing these will be, take those Google goggles off first, then we’ll talk.

  21. euansmith says:

    Can other people see what you are viewing on your goggles? For example, when you are pretending to pay attention at a team meeting, could everyone see a reversed image of your live streaming porno on your lenses? 

  22. Petzl says:

    The first thing I’d do is select a typeface other than “Windows 8 Standard”.

    • teapot says:

      First thing you do should be to check out teh interwebs and learn how to properly ID typefaces.

      By “Windows 8 Standard” i presume you mean Segoe UI and.. why.. would.. Google use that when they already developed their own typeface for Android, Roboto (which – surprise, surprise – is the typeface used in this video).

  23. flickerKuu says:

    Kind of snoozeville here.  Nobody understands that the camera operating off your head and neck is about the worst thing you can do. Yay- Thousands of vomit inducing videos from people whipping their heads around.
    The “amazingness” of this also heavily relies on the quality of the camera, which like all small cheap plastic lenses- is horrible.
    So, we have a head-mounted I-phone in your glasses. I’m falling asleep here. Not much new, just a worse way of actually recording videos.  Sounds like a great way to stick pop-up ads literally in our face.

  24. For me the best part of this video was the kendo kirikaeshi strikes at 1:22, but in reality, there is NO way anyone would wear those clunky glasses in their men while playing kendo. Or anyway they probably shouldn’t.

  25. DewiMorgan says:

    If they need “record a video” to record video, what the heck use are they?
    Should be constant-record, share-between-marks.

  26. Amina65 says:

    Does anyone live in the moment anymore? Or is everyone too busy recording things to look at later?

  27. deathisastar says:

    Because there just aren’t enough ADD-inducing videos out there.

  28. femalefaust says:

    strange days.

  29. 69 Comments and no Virtual Light references – Pshaw Boing Boingers, I thought better of you…

  30. poivre says:

    Welcome to the world with constant surveillance, everywhere, by everybody

  31. Edna Grennan says:

    The trapeze shot was cool…..

  32. “Ok glass” ? No, I think I’ll call mine “assh**le” (Old man’s war reference)