Stills from old home movies

Rick Prelinger sez,

Megan and I were very fortunate that Emma Hurst chose to spend her college field work term with Prelinger Library and Archives, helping with Megan's forthcoming book and my forthcoming movie. As she viewed and logged some two hundred hours of home movies, she curated a striking collection of still images that, like all great collections, exceeds the sum of its parts.

Home movies manage to be many things at the same time: faithful records of ceremonies, places and behavior; deeply enigmatic and ambiguous narratives whose essence we'll never discover; and footage that just maybe points the way to new modes of moviemaking we've yet to discover. Since home movies are effectively infinite (we have 9,000 in our archives), the first task is to find, isolate and reframe the images that we want to work with. Out of some two million frames, Emma picked these.