TOM THE DANCING BUG: ...And Who Shall Save God-Man?

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  1. A rock so heavy that God-Man can’t lift, spread out over a square meter or so of God-Man-Body, is still not heavy enough to dent the floor. This is making me question my theological beliefs. Perhaps I would be better served by faith in robust flooring solutions.

  2. The thing about the paradox is that God-Man is also supposedly omnipresent, so he could be Schrödinger’s superhero deity – both stuck under the rock he can’t lift and not stuck under the rock he can’t lift everywhere else at the same time.

  3. Many years ago, when I was young, I tried to stump a gruff laconic old farmer that I knew with this conundrum. I think I saw it on Monty Python.

    “Can God create a rock so big that he himself cannot lift it?”
    “Sure.” He didn’t blink an eye at the question. Just kept shoveling.

    I pondered his reply for several minutes of silence, then I demanded:

    “So how does that work?”
    “He’s only human.” He didn’t pause loading manure into the wheelbarrow the whole time.

    True story. It’s hard to outwit old farmers sometimes.

    1. A guy walking down the road see a farmer holding a pig up to an apple tree so the pig can eat apples.
      The passerby says “You know it would save a lot of time if you just knocked some apples off the tree for the pig.”

      The farmer said “What’s time to a pig?”

  4. But the unasked and unanswered question is, “Could God-Man create a stone too heavy for God-God-Man to lift”?

  5. I never understood the immoveable stone question as an anti-theological argument. God can do anything, so certainly He can resolve this so-called paradox neatly and cleanly.

    1. You’re solution works according to the standards of theology. Theology, of course, is Aristotelian logic played with jokers wild and one-eyed jacks.

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