Sometimes you just need a fountain of cats set to rap music. HEY GRIFF, BRING IN THE CATS.

11 Responses to “Bring in the”

  1. wazmo says:

    Oh, for fsck’s sake-the least he could have done was add Colonel Meow and Li’l Bub….

  2. TomClayman says:

    Cats > Dogs

  3. s2redux says:

    “Please wait, reloading more cats” has a certain cachet, but it’s not quite up to my corner gas station’s standard: “Please prepay for gas in advance.”

  4. Dirk Dirk says:

    @wazmo:disqus plz see updated amendment changes

  5. morgane says:

    my favorite two kitties of the WHOLE intertubes!

  6. kmoser says:

    The 90s just called. It wants its hamster dance back.

  7. Winner, winner, chicken parm dinner. 

  8. noah django says:

    that’s not rap, that’s Baltimore breakbeat. /killjoy

  9. TheKaz1969 says:

    The internet is now complete!

  10. jimh says:

    Just today, and I don’t know why, I suddenly started singing:
    Meow Meow

    So, this post is oddly appropriate.

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