Bundle of Holding: bundled novel ebooks by RPG designers

Aaron sez, "A fellowship of leading RPG designers-turned-writers is offering their novels for a short time in a DRM-free ebook collection at a pay-what-you-want price. The Bundle of Holding not only supports indie authors, it benefits two fine charities of interest to gamers: Child's Play and Reading is Fundamental. Roll the dice and give it a try!"

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  1. jandrese says:

    While I love Humble Bundle type things like this, that site is so sketchy that I’m a little afraid to give it money.  I think I’m going to wait a few days and make sure it doesn’t get outed as a scam or something first.  

  2. Rafael Chandler says:

    I am Spartacus!

    No, wait, I’m Rafael Chandler, one of the authors involved in this project. It’s legit! And DRM-free!

  3. Brett Myers says:

    That is a pretty hideous website, but it’s legit. 

  4. euansmith says:

    Shouldn’t this be, “A Book of Many Things”?

  5. It’s worth it just for Mindjammer. Or…well, even if you DON’T want to get this others, go buy Mindjammer on Amazon. It’s friggin’ great!

  6. finbikkifin says:

    Fable of the Swan is by the excellent Jenna Moran, who White Wolf/Nobilis fans might know as R Sean Borgstrom, or Rebecca Borgstrom. I adore her writing.

    She has some other stuff available. Invasion is well worth a read: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Invasion-ebook/dp/B006OIODDM

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