Cory in Houston today!

Hey, Houston! I'll be at Brazos Bookstore tonight at 7PM with my new novel Homeland. Tomorrow, I'll be in Austin at Bookpeople and then a benefit for EFF-Austin, and then I'm heading north to New Hampshire where I'll be at RiverRun Books and the Liberty Forum. And there's still many more cities!


  1. In a burst of synchronicity, a dance piece opening tomorrow night at 9PM about three blocks from Cory’s EFF speech in Austin is inspired by the Haunted Mansion:
    Cheryl Chaddick still remembers the ghoulish ride through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion before the days of advanced special effects and 3-D film. She remembers the buckets that would take her and the other adventure-seekers from room to room, the floors that would open up and drop them to another level, and the walls that seemed to grow as they got closer.The Haunted Mansion “made your imagination come to life. It made your imagination three-dimensional,” she said. She wants to create a similar experience for audiences viewing her dance company’s latest performance starting Friday in the Ballet Austin building. Rather than taking place on a stage, “Interior Landscape of the Emotional Mind,” a series of seven dances from the Chaddick Dance Theater, is occurring all around the building in areas not typically used for dancing, such as a spiral staircase, a balcony patio and a ladder to the roof.

    I’ll be DJing, maybe I need to bring a boombox and run a conga line / street parade over there…

  2. brazos books was my very favorite bookstore in the whole world.  just good folks. i haven’t been there since grad school.

  3. I wasn’t sure if he’d be here or not. Well, at least I’ll have my bone to pick!

    And I’m going to be around that area anyway. Trying to see if I can make a diversion to stop by. I’ll literally be northeast like, 2 miles.

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