Depriving artists of sleep -- for SCIENCE!

Sean Williams sez, "Australia's #1 sleep research centre in conjunction with the Aust Network for Arts & Tech put #1 NYT-bestseller Sean Williams in a week-long sleep deprivation study with Maker/TechnoEvangelist Fee Plumley, artist Thom Buchanan and lit author Jennifer Mills to see what happened to their creativity without light cues, under constant surveillance, and subject to strict scientific instruction. The result? We all went a bit crazy (predictably) but made some fabulous art, all available under a CC license (including a new short story set in the universe of my next novel, Twinmaker)."


    1. I was going to say – where are you going to find a control group of artists with regular and healthy sleep schedules?

  1. back in highschool ( a boarding school for me), some seniors either for the fun of it or as reearch for a class, convinced my roomate to be the subject in a very informal and unscientific sleep deprivation study. My roomate was one of those highly intelligent learning disabled crazy in a fun way kind of guys… for shits and giggles he agreed, though the free ritalin supply might have played a small part in his decsion. a few days into it he started having visions about the impending rapture… rapture this, rapture that… all he could talk about. Highly entertaining at first, and then it of course became cause for concern. I don’t recall how long the experiment lasted, though I’l guess it was probably 4-5 days. Good times. I should add for those who are curious… no, the rapture did not occur, unless he was talking about some sort of philosophical breakthrough and transcendence, in which case, no it didn’t occur.

      1.  ?
        Your bizzare seperation of “convinced my” and “highly intelligent learning disabled crazy in a fun way kind of guy”makes literally no sense. Are you some sort of paradigm smashing parenthetical pioneer, or are you just suffering from sort of thought disorder? And as for the “good job”, I sadly can’t take the credit for that, for as it clearly states in my comment, it was others who conceived the idea and did the convincing.

  2. I’m so sleep deprived I read Cory’s new novel as “Twinkmaker” the surprise of which which caused me to re-read the post upon which I realized I never really read it the first time; all those words had entered my eyes and taken a seat in the waiting room of my brain.

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