Floorplan for supposed sex-dungeon in Houston's Hotel ZaZa

Remember the potential weirdo sex-dungeon in Houston's Hotel ZaZa? A reader with inside knowledge writes,

That "two-way mirror" in 322 hangs on the bathroom wet wall for the more spacious suite 321 next door. So in the "secret voyeur room" case, you'd be standing in the bathroom next door and looking through a piping chase full of sanitary and domestic water lines. The bricks are a veneer that they decided to stop at the frame of the mirror. It doesn't seem like this room was specially built for secret sex shows or whatnot. At least, no more than any other hotel room with potential for pinhole cameras and so on.

I think it really is just an awkwardly placed and sized room, dictated by adjacent suite and service elevator lobby/shaft requirements. (See attached snippet from floor plans.) The associated balcony sits in a corner, so it is in fact larger than the balconies in the adjacent conventional rooms, as the ZaZa rep claims. I have no explanation for why some owner, architect and/or interior designer thought this would be a good theme for a room, though.



    I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I’ll take ’em when reality is just boring.

    Now, getting back to the question of whether the sex perverts on the other side of the mirror are rich aliens or rich Rosicrucians…

    1. Yeah, ‘reader with inside knowledge’ is probably ‘owner trying to cover’. Long live the Conspiracy!

  2. “I have no explanation for why some owner, architect and/or interior designer thought this would be a good theme for a room, though.”

    Because it’s cool?  Not everyone wants a beige box with acoustical tile ceilings!  Sometimes we want a dungeon with chains and lizard people photos.

  3. these people have never thought about the practical architecture of a sex dungeon. That room is so small there is no space to swing a cat.

    1. This entire thing is stupid.  It’s too small for any kind of BDSM or snuff film room and even if it was just some room they used to film people having sex with prostitutes the decor and the bizarreness/creepiness of the room would instantly alert the intended victim that something isn’t right.   Also, why is no one mentioning the fact that sex dungeons usually avoid having hallways with traffic and adjacent rooms next to it because it generally leads to people becoming suspicious of all the ungodly noises emanating from the room (unless it’s severely sound-proofed which this room obviously isn’t).  The idea of having a secret passage behind a wall with a two way mirror is to not make it look like you have a room with a secret passage behind a wall with a two way mirror.

  4. Cory, aren’t you going to be in Houston today? Why all the interest in the sex dungeon? ;) Your reading begins at 7, so that sounds like enough time for some kink.

  5. I would of just taken the wall down and make it into a larger room or maybe even a full suite since all the plumbing is there.

    So if this true, and it seems more likely to me, who’s the bad designer?

    1.  See my comments on the original thread. Sometimes miniscule rooms have legitimate reasons for existing.

  6. There are other things about this hotel that stand out that should be addressed that paints it as a shrine to lucifer or satan. Pick your poison. The Room 322 is an obvious reference. What is not so obvious is the following:

    ZaZa is not just the name of the hotel but the name of a DEMON. Also known as ZoZo. Notice the elite’s fascination with double letters, especially double z which are like lightning bolts when stretched. Also symbolic as a means of a dualistic nature of a name. This may also be a secondary name (as demons often have multiple names from different peoples’ languages) for pazuzu, or the demon of pestilence. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with it before.

    There are 2 restaurants/bars/etc in Houston’s hotel.


    Monarch is obvious to anybody versed in the occult and it’s use. Dragonfly has similar occultic meaning.

    Compare the double “z” in zaza to the double “2” in the number 322. Similar aren’t they?

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