Japan: "The Shocking True Form of Endometriosis!"

Matt Alt in Japan says, "You just can't make this kind of thing up. Snapshot from the NHK health/medical show "Tameshite Gatten" last night. I think this answers the question of "is anything NOT kawaii?" once and for all." Official link. Also spotted on Sean Bonner's feed.


    1. :)

      That doesn’t mean everything’s alright. The word before the OK! (準備) means “preparation,” more or less. So when those cute little uterus cells say “準備OK!” they mean “Ready!”

      That’s Japanese English for you :)

  1. Hmmm, without seeing the apparently amazing animation in its entirety I would say that illustration # 1 is either a fetus or a fibroid and # 2 is endometrial hyperplasia.

  2. #2 is scientific proof that a woman who uses birth control ends up with a uterus full of unborn, implanted embryos.

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