Junk food

Scene from a Houston grocery store, courtesy of a touring author's life. I did not buy any of these things.

Junk food, grocery store, Houston, TX, USA


      1.  Right, but isn’t picking on Houston on the obesity issue akin to, well…picking on the fat kid?  It isn’t as if this is this scene is unique to Houston.

        1. From the variety of that selection I’m guessing this is a particularly large grocery store, so there’s no surprise there.  Larger grocery stores have larger supplies thus more junk food.  

          Why not take a comparison shot of the fruits and vegetables?  I’ll bet there’s a larger supply and more types than in your typical small town grocery store.  

        2. “picking on Houston?”

          What part of the post could possibly be construed as picking on Houston specifically?

          1. I’m glad, for one, to see the shoe on the other foot.  Through high school, the Arts Magnet kids in Dallas would sneer at us because we were from the suburbs.  I figured that was all behind me until I started college, where the Houstonians were top-tier, I mean they thought their shit had no stank.  Houston, Houston, Houston!  Take that, Houston.  Take your Little Debbies and cram ’em.  Sideways.

          2. What part of that post was specific about anything?  Contextually, it speaks to Houston’s standing as one of the USA’s fattest cites (a distinction I don’t dispute, mind you).  I was merely pointing out that the scene above could have any number of US cites stamped on the title and it wouldn’t surprise anyone.

            Houston is also home to the Mission Control Center.  That is unique to Houston, and something a touring author might also showcase as representative of Houston.

          3. If the touring author happened to visit it. Which, given the kind of schedule publishers can put one on, a touring author may not have time to do. Whereas a touring author still has to find time for the necessities of life, such as food (or toiletries, or biros, or memory sticks, or whatever  one might visit a supermarket for while on tour).

    1. I am guessing Cory has never been to a Wal-Mart or similar. That’s usual junk food items in a grocery store in Anytown, US of A. No grocery stores in Boing Boing land?

      1.  As a Canadian, I can sure say that looks disturbing. I mean, our grocery stores have junk food but the bulk of it is things like potato chips, chocolate bars, and cookies. Not that much of those sort of monstrosities.

        1. We have aisles for each of those usually.  Chips are with soda/pop/soft drinks, cookies are usually opposite baking products or on the same aisle as crackers, and chocolates are usually somewhat random.  Like 25% of what is in a grocery store is junk food, and that’s just counting the stuff that’s actually designed to be loaded with fat and sugar.

      2. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this pic was a similar view I had when stopping at a Wal-Mart in Nevada on the way to Burning Man a few years ago….

  1. Ooh!  Hey, Cory – can you grab me a couple of boxes of Apple Delights?  They never seem to sell them near me.

    /hard to imagine how much “creme” is in this photograph
    //5 gallon bucket?

  2. I like the single bottle of “Performance Drink” hiding amongst the junk food. It almost looks embarrassed to be there, “No really, I’m not junk food, I’m for athletes! Don’t look at how much sugar I have, I’m a performance drink, I don’t belong here, I swear!”

    1. I read recently that male guppies deliberately hang out with less-attractive male guppies in hopes of looking better in the eyes of any females that happen by.

      That sport drink could be employing that same strategy.

  3. We’ve got Little Debbie cakes in the Portland area, and at one time or another I think I’ve seen most of those, but I’ve never seen this large a variety of them in one place.

    Maybe Houston is a more fertile ground for junk food, allowing a more diverse ecosystem? 

    1. I’m in the Detroit area and had the same thought about the…completeness, shall we say, of the selection in Cory’s pic.

      1. At my local Key Food here in Astoria, Queens, NYC, we have a pretty healthy Little Debbie’s section… so I guess the quipsters (that’s short for “Queens hipsters” [I just made that up… and now I taste bile]) like themselves some Little Debbie’s to wash down their hateful coffee drinks!

        1. Are you sure they’re not swilling some PBR’s with their snack cakes?  That’s how the idiot hipsters roll in these parts.    (I say ‘idiot’ because PBR is a headache in a can.  I seriously have no idea why anyone would drink it ever unless it was the last so-called ‘beer’ remaining on Earth a la Tallahasee and his Twinkie quest.)

          1.  Better than bud light.  I’ve never noticed myself to be particularly prone to headaches after drinking PBR in the first place, but hey everyone’s different.

      1. That sounds delicious.  And it never would have occurred to me.  I’ll bet it works great with Fudge Rounds, too….

  4. i wonder… do they make all that at one bakery (“It’s Cosmic Brownie day!”), or are there multiple LD bakeries out there, each making a subset of similar LD products (the brownie plant, the creme roll plant, etc) ?

    1. There are multiple bakeries, all these people going on about Oatmeal Creme Pies — but I wonder if they get them from the Collegedale, TN plant?  Houston is closer to Gentry, AR which means they are really getting the sub-par product.  The Collegedale cakes are still handmade by artisans and are shipped only to discerning metropolises such as Portlandia, Austin, and Hoboken.

  5. Little Debbie, Little Debbie, I’m-a comin’ on home baby –
    ’cause you make me want to 
    Walk like a Camel!

  6. Kroger, Walmart, Tom Thumb (Randalls in the Houston area), Albertsons, all have this selection…   You didn’t spot the zebra cakes though (my personal favorite)…

  7. In my mind the employee who stocked that area left the exactly one half box sized hole in the middle specifically to fuck with an OCD manager.

    Also, LD Swiss Rolls are the bomb.

  8. Yea ye pharaohs,
    let us walk through this barren desert
    in search of truth and some pointy boots
    and maybe a few snack crackers

  9. Really looks like any grocery store in Texas/Oklahoma we just got Tastykake last year. I love the peanut butter sticks, nutty bars, and the brownies but only the regular ones with walnuts no cosmic brownies for me! Although they all tasted better when I was a kid so it’s probably more nostalgia than anything because I don’t buy them now.

  10. Okay, half way point on my jog, just gonna duck in here for a drink. Don’t look at anything at all, just keep your eye on the ground and head for the drink aisle. Okay, got my drink, don’t look at anything. had for the check out, eyes on the ground and . . . what’s this . . . OMG!

  11. I’m going to get you, Cory Doctorow! Just 2 hours left. Muahaha.

    But first, I need to go by the store and get some junk food…. because I’m a fat Houstonian.

  12. In San Jose, and I suppose in Houston, too, the Mexican supermarkets carry Bimbo brand junk food. One of the varieties is a Twinkies-like product with strawberry filling. Another is a roll with dulce de leche. You can keep your Hostess crap.

  13. Since it’s Texas, was this the ‘Organic Health Food’ section?

    Also, winter is definitely the best time to visit Houston. In summer it’s the state’s reeking, dripping, diseased taint. In winter it’s just charmingly dirty.

  14. yeah, sure thing, Cory.  meanwhile, the food in England is world-renowned for it’s taste and nutritive value.
    suet |ˈsoōit|
    the hard white fat on the kidneys and loins of cattle, sheep, and other animals, used to make foods including puddings, pastry, and mincemeat.


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