Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump

Screengrabbed by @Ryden before its inevitable deletion.

Update: Trump has ""regained control of his account" from "hackers".


  1. When Trump goes after somebody on ‘class’ we all receive an object lesson in the true meaning of ‘bringing a knife to a gunfight’…

  2. Awwww yeah…. there’s Trump.  He pimpin, we all hatin.

    Seriously, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that some stupid underling is tweeting for him.  There is no way that “The Donald” went full on gangsta… is there?

    1. Yeah, my guess is the unpaid “intern” whose nouveau riche parents shelled out 10k for their brilliant darling to be “networked” into a go-nowhere bankruptin’ not-paying-his-contractors only useful for shilling MLM schemes career.

        1. Or “Donald T. Rump.” That way you can come up with any manner of entertaining words that the “T” might stand for.

  3. So, he is asserting his intention to not attend a lecture whose audience includes people with inflated opinions of their classiness?

    1. I’ve seen very little reason to believe this. Seems like ignoring trolls is usually taken as an invitation to make even more noise so as to drown out any real discussion by people who are trying to ignore them. I guess I could be wrong about this.

      1. This is normally my attitude toward the fellow, but just this morning – for reasons I’ve yet to determine – I found myself wondering, “what’s become of Donald Trump? Haven’t heard anything out of him lately.”  And there it is…

      2. I assume Hugh is referring to literally cutting off their food supply. It’s slow but it’ll do the trick.

    1. Was there a big difference between (ostensibly) hacked and non-hacked?

      Or has it been hacked for the past 4 years and he just regained control of the account?

  4. Why, oh why, did FIVE HUNDRED FORTY people (which has probably gone up by now) favorite the followup tweet? Have we really reached that point? 

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