Music industry hates anti-spam laws


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  1.  That tag list should read “spam,copyfight,corruption,canada,corporatism,spam,bacon,and,spam”.

  2. im sure if we could plot the flow of logic through out the history of action of this particular lobby it would draw some kind of Mandelbrot fractal for irony.

  3. Frederik says:

    Nonsense, a well maintained mailing list, with people who opted into to your newsletter is far more valuable to anybody building a seriouse fanbase. Anti spam laws do not hurt that at all.

  4. Chris Ball says:

    Don’t call CRIA the “music industry”. That just plays into their propaganda. The music industry is the people who actually make music. CRIA are just the people who exploit the music industry for all it’s worth.

  5. Phil Culmer says:

    Can’t we just lock them all up on spec?

  6. Gordon Stark says:

    Canadian independent artists are not represented by organized crime groups, nor their attempt to portray independent artists as spammers.

    Anyone claiming to represent independent artists for their competition would get what they deserve, in the end, which is coming…  quickly.

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