X-ray tees reveal internal family workings


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  1. Lexorin says:

    So… if He drinks beer and the kid eats candy… Does she eat babies? I’m not sure what message you’re trying to get across here!

    • DevinC says:

      I’m pretty concerned about his tendency to swallow the bottles whole, too.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Jack Spratt could eat no meat.
      His wife could eat whatever she wanted.
      So between the two of them, they fermented the baby’s soft tissues so that Jack would have something for dinner.

    • chgoliz says:

      At least the relative position is correct for the woman’s t-shirt. By the time candy gets to the intestines, it really doesn’t look like that. As for the beer bottles, well, OldBrownSquirrel has already explained that one.

      One more quibble: they call it the fetal position for a reason.

  2. Bradley Robinson says:

    I’m more of a wine man, myself.

  3. Ramone says:

    They need one for dogs that has cat poop and lego bricks.

  4. smut clyde says:

    Rib cage is way too small. I want REALISM.

  5. Heather C says:

    They don’t have beer shirts in women’s tees. WTF. So I have to settle for a fetus?

  6. David Horton says:

    Daddy’s a drunk. Mommy’s always barefoot and pregnant. Junior eats nothing but candy. The typical American family.

  7. This was my wife and I’s exact same ‘costumes’ for Halloween this year. Hilarious.

  8. pjcamp says:

    I dunno. I generally take the beer out of the bottle first.

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