X-ray tees reveal internal family workings

Etsy's BabyTalkDesigns sells these x-ray t-shirts showing the contents of various family members' tummies (mix and match for added hilarity!). There's even a glow in the dark version (Go, Nigel, go!). (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


      1.  If there’s an intact beer bottle in a dude’s abdominal cavity, it’s probably not that he *swallowed* it.

    1. Jack Spratt could eat no meat.
      His wife could eat whatever she wanted.
      So between the two of them, they fermented the baby’s soft tissues so that Jack would have something for dinner.

    2. At least the relative position is correct for the woman’s t-shirt. By the time candy gets to the intestines, it really doesn’t look like that. As for the beer bottles, well, OldBrownSquirrel has already explained that one.

      One more quibble: they call it the fetal position for a reason.

      1. You can get pregnant against your will just by reading the website? Should come with some kind of health warning…

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