Mat Honan in Wired News: "Customer service software provider Zendesk announced a security breach that allowed attackers into its system, where they could access data from three customers this week. Wired learned those three clients were Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr."

6 Responses to “Zendesk: "We've been hacked." Some Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest users affected.”

  1. ayleph says:

    Guess it’s time to go change that twitter password. Again.

  2. We literally just pushed a client onto Uservoice from Zendesk – good timing!

  3. Paul Renault says:

    Don’t have, don’t have, don’t have.  Check, check, and check!

    There are some advantages to being slow to trends, eh?

  4. Aaron Weiss says:

    Good thing I’ve got 2-factor authentication on my Twitter acc… oh, wait.

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