CIA whistleblower Kiriakou gets party before prison

Former CIA agent John Kiriakou, 48, is heading to prison for 30 months for whistleblowing on torture. "He seemed unbowed and almost content at the prospect of prison as he basked in the well wishes of about 100 supporters, who gathered for a posh send-off at the luxury hotel," writes David Montgomery at the WaPo. "The guests wore orange jumpsuits and other mock prison garb and serenaded Kiriakou with a reworked version of the protest anthem “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”


    1.  I really don’t think the entertainment industry is who we should be blaming for the fact that we (collectively) don’t give a shit.

      That’s entirely on us.

      1.  I wasn’t singling out the entertainment industry and Blade runner refers to the murder in South Africa. The Harlen Shake is just another Macarena or Gangman (sp?) thing. They’re social phenomena/distractions that MSM chooses to focus on while refusing to report important information to the American public.

  1. I hope he contacts Siebel Edmonds when he gets out and we can all hear what he has to say on a podcast (maybe even his own.)

    The internet was designed to route messages around holes (silences) in communication networks. Its doing a fine job. :-)

  2. He’s not going to jail for whistle blowing. He is going to jail for violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act by passing the name of a CIA operative to a reporter. He plead guilty and will serve 30 months.

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