CIA whistleblower Kiriakou gets party before prison


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  1. rattypilgrim says:

    Hey! Look over there! The Academy Awards! Blade Runner! The Harlem Shake!

    • The Chemist says:

       I really don’t think the entertainment industry is who we should be blaming for the fact that we (collectively) don’t give a shit.

      That’s entirely on us.

      • rattypilgrim says:

         I wasn’t singling out the entertainment industry and Blade runner refers to the murder in South Africa. The Harlen Shake is just another Macarena or Gangman (sp?) thing. They’re social phenomena/distractions that MSM chooses to focus on while refusing to report important information to the American public.

  2. kraut says:

    Seems to me he should be getting a medal, not going to prison…

  3.  I just hope for a day when he can make 20 thou a speech after we shake off this culture of fear.

  4. msbpodcast says:

    I hope he contacts Siebel Edmonds when he gets out and we can all hear what he has to say on a podcast (maybe even his own.)

    The internet was designed to route messages around holes (silences) in communication networks. Its doing a fine job. :-)

  5. Wiki-Truths says:

    Why is he going to jail and not the torturers? How about no party – we just hide him?

  6. donovan acree says:

    He’s not going to jail for whistle blowing. He is going to jail for violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act by passing the name of a CIA operative to a reporter. He plead guilty and will serve 30 months.

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