Computer Jay's Omni Bent

The track is from Computer Jay's Savage Planet Discotheque. Jay has also written an 8-bit style video game to accompany the album and unlock a few hidden tracks.

I have spent too much time on it already! Disco Zombies!


6 Responses to “Computer Jay's Omni Bent”

  1. Jason, This is great. -Rosson

  2. dmcinnes says:

    A few of the ladies from the early 3-2-1 Contact! episodes are in there.

    Great song!

  3. Philip Adamo says:

    Thanks for turning me on to an amazing new artist. Instant fan. 

  4. Jason Galpin says:

    Meh, boring, uninspired bass-heavy looping with retro-ey video accompaniment that just seems… lazily edited? At least the claps match up. Break out of the loop-trap Jason.

  5. dculberson says:

    Finally watched it, I love it.

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