How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate: controversial Irish caper film now on YouTube

Graham sez, "Nineties Irish indie feature HOW TO CHEAT IN THE LEAVING CERTIFICATE was recently remastered, and the 1080p telecine created from the original camera negative and is now available in full on YouTube - this film was very controversial in Ireland when first released (see late night Irish TV news report here) and some consider American movie THE PERFECT SCORE an inferior remake.

How To Cheat In The Leaving Certificate (Thanks, Graham!)


  1. Watch the news story discussing the controversy and then tell me how you pronounce the work “film.”

      1. Indeed, formerly the equivalent of a school-leaving diploma, it became a grueling set of exams in 7-9 subjects, the results of which are the sole determinant of whether you can go on to Third Level or not: the college entrance system in Ireland takes no account of any other factor beyond points acquired in these exams, there was no consideration for extra-curricular, for interview, for specific aptitude, virtually no continual assessment (beyond some oral language exams), nothing but a fortnight-or-so of nationally administered exams.  Effectively the sole product of your time from 4/5 to 17/18, and a cause of horrific stress for a lot of kids.  Or at least it was in my happily distant day.  Naturally the whole thing was virtually meaningless measured over the span of your life, but when it’s facing you…

        Love the irony of the Anglo Irish Bank sponsorship, the failed bank that’s ruined all our futures.

        EDIT: Occurs to me that there’s one other major aspect furriners mightn’t pick up on: almost all the adults in the film are played by famous-at-the-time-by-Irish-standards entertainment types: pop-stars, radio dj’s, soap stars and even the late great author Maureen Potter. Some great music too, especially Something Happens’ classic Parachute over the end-credits.

      1. I believe you’re confusing standardized testing with the SATs. You do not have to pass the SAT test in order to graduate from high school. The SAT tests are entrance exams for college. While the tests are often studied for during high school they are not a requirement for graduation.

        Many states DO have standardized testing requirements though, which are functionally similar.

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