Mark's "World's Worst" book 99-cents sale on Kindle


15 Responses to “Mark's "World's Worst" book 99-cents sale on Kindle”

  1. Ethan Holman says:

    Hah! Well played, sir.

  2. mtdna says:

    Worst. Book. Ever. :)

  3. Matthew Chertudi says:

    “Our records show that you already purchased The World’s Worst” Guess it’s time to start working through my ebook backlog.

  4. I’ll finish it for four bucks!

  5. HOTDAMN says:


    For those looking to dig a bit deeper on the subject I would recommend Apocalypse Culture 1 & 2 edited by Adam Parfrey.

  6. Cameron Orr says:

    And bought, even though the sample revealed a typo. I won’t hold it against anyone!

  7. iamamro says:

    Pity it’s £4.77 in the UK

  8. awjt says:

    I hope that car crash video isn’t in there!  

  9. Wibbly says:

    Not available in Asia-Pacific region … lucky that BoingBoing doesn’t have international readers …

  10. I already bought at a price somewhat higher than 99 cents.  Grumble.

  11. nachoproblem says:

    Turns out to be NOT such good bedtime reading material. :P

  12. Tchoutoye says:

    I love Durian fruit!

  13. I can even appreciate the alluring awfulness of the cover

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