Star Wars jewelry

Etsy seller Rockets and Rainbows makes clever jewelry out of Star Wars and My Little Pony toys, including the Snow Speeder ring shown here. But you can't buy that one, because I just bought it as a surprise for my wife. Don't tell her, OK?

RocketsandRainbows (via The Mary Sue)


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  1. dominic fitzsimmons says:

    Those stormtrooper earrings are a right rip off at $45. Just buy the $5 lego keyrings, snip off the keychain and connect them to a pair of earrings – do it yourself

  2. niktemadur says:

    For when you’re feeling like a rogue leader, try on this Hoth and sexy item on for size.
    Cue a groomed Wampa in Vegas, surrounded by slave Leia-types.

  3. gorfulator says:

    Cough ( micromachines)

  4. Analog Kid says:

    Chincy, cheap and childish.  Can’t believe this made it to BB.

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