Two videos of unfortunate events

I didn't know that a child died in the video. I watched it with the sound off. I have deleted this post. I'm sorry I posted it.

UPDATE: Multiple news sources report that everyone survived the accident. Here's an ABC World News segment about it. Beware: it shows the same video I removed.


  1. HOLY FUCKING CHRIST – I swear, this close, THIS CLOSE to having a heart attack on the second vid.

    NSFL tag required Mark!

    [Edit: Hang on… this doesn’t seem right, Marks account hacked?]

  2. Shit. I thought it was going to be a bird or something. “Sneak attack” seems a little the wrong tone, maybe?

    1. Per the You Tube comments a child died in that crash. I watched it not realizing how disturbing the screams would be at the end. Now knowing that someone died makes it more awful. Kind of ruined my Friday morning. Not all that wonderful… :( 

  3. This is low grade content for boingboing.  hope we don’t see more of this kind of trash.  there are plenty of other places to get this kind of “faces of death” tragic flicks.

    Try again

    1. My first thumbs-down on a Boing Boing article. I could be crude and offer that at least there are no boobies, but I’m really thinking an account hack here.

      [edit: video down and apology, so that’s some good]

      1. I never realized before there was a thumbs-down option. Then again I’ve never wanted such an option until now.

        Edit: Based on my previous experience reading BoingBoing I think I can reasonably expect I’ll never want to use the “thumbs down” ever again.

  4. Okay, hearing that child wail for her mother at the end of the second is not something I should have to experience without consent. You need to add a warning. That’s not right.

    1. Agreed.  Maybe “unfortunate events” is the sort of euphemism that passes for a warning in the more desensitised parts of the interweb, but I’ve come to trust this place to be better than that.

  5. I should have known better than to click on these, but I honestly thought BoingBoing content (from Mark! Who I trust!) would be interesting, funny, or good. Instead I get horrifying. Ugh.

  6. Yeah I’m a long-time boingboing fan and reddit fan, and sure needed a reddit-style NSFW/NSFL tag on that second video, plus this really isn’t what boingboing is usually about.

  7. I have to agree…if you think about both of those a little bit, they’re really just awful.  I keep telling myself that both were posted to YouTube because everyone came out of it ok. Unfortunately, knowing human nature, I can’t be sure of that.

      1. Yeah…I didn’t want to click through and accidentally re see it.  I don’t necessarily trust YouTube comments either, but yeah.   This is pretty shitty all around.  Glad he took them down.

    1. A better sneak attack – cute red pandas. Hope this helps a bit

    2. Here is a feel good moment if needed. Russian sailors rescue dog from ice floe – This ends on a happy note.

  8. I found neither video to be disturbing or personally upsetting (I’m desensitized, yes). I found the first video to be very intriguing as I have thought about that scenario and wondered how long one can mange to hang on (particularly in slippery ski gear).

    That being said, I’d have to agree with the sentiment of the other commentators that these videos, particularly the second, are wildly out of place when compared to typical BB posts…

        1. The only comment I’ve spotted about that doesn’t seem to reference any report of it.  As horrible as this is, it’s good to remember to take uncited statements of fact in youtube comments with a truckload of salt.

          It could be true, but some people do love to make a video seem as bad as possible.  The classic example would be comments on an animal video that confidently state that the animal’s behaviour must be due to abuse…

        2. Just because ImaLiverDonor says something in a Youtube comment doesn’t necessarily make it true. I Google Translated the description of the video and got “Fortunately, the driver, a bunch wounded were screaming ..”. Take it for what it’s worth, but I’m leaning towards no deaths here.

  9. Source link is very NSFW. Immediate huge titty picture filling the screen. Thanks for the heads up, guys.

  10. what the HELL were you thinking to post this? have you lost your marbles?

    this is the first time i’ve logged on to make a comment in over a year, i’m so angry at how sick this is.

  11. I came to the comments to see what the videos were without having to risk watching them if they contain horrific content. I’ve got to say, posting these vids without explanation or warning is very uncool. And very, I thought, unBoingBoing-like, Lemony Snicket meets Faces of Death. :p

  12. Hello?  Blog of Wonderful Things?  Is this some new definition of “wonderful” that we were all previously unaware of?

  13. I’m a fairly new reader who’s been enriched by BoingBoing so far, but the crash video really sucks.  There’s no reliable context for how the accident came out.  I understand why some people would want to see this kind of thing… I’m a horror movie fan, and I dig the vicarious adrenaline rush as much as anybody, but I want to know that no one got hurt to craft my adrenaline trigger.  

  14. I was about to click on the videos when my “spider sense” started tingling and I thought I should check out the comments first before I did so.  Looks like I saved myself from having my day ruined.

  15. Yeah this wasn’t a great post. This is Tosh.0 level schadenfreude type shit. Not classy.

    Edit: Why would anyone watch this shit if not to enjoy the suffering depicted?

  16. Not good content. Both movies are too extreme. This link to “What the Christ!” is VERY VERY NSFW, essentially lots of fairly heavy duty porn…
    As others have said I do hope you have been hacked.

  17. Not cool at all. I feel betrayed. This sounds like a tragedy, and should be treated with respect, not as entertainment. I have been coming here for years, and I am sad and disappointed. Please delete and apologize. This should not be here.

  18. Wow, I’ve never posted here before but want to add my voice.  WTF is this?  At least warn people when you are going to post something like that – or I need some follow up – was everyone ok or did I just accidentally watch someone die? 

    1. Hey, violence, death and destruction is A O.K., but don’t let the kiddies see any sexuality.  Scarred for life, they will be.

      How we like to live vicariously.

  19. Agree with everyone asking “Why?” Also, is anybody else getting a Cadillac ad above the comments? Double disturbing.

  20. Long, long time reader here. This is plain horrible content with no context (or warning). I hope this is a case of a hacked account, otherwise I feel betrayed. Somebody from BB please explain.

  21. I think the first video was disarming; the fall doesn’t appear that bad, the guy was probably okay. It almost heightens the shock of the second one, which is already pretty un-Boingy. Perhaps Mark is trying some sort of experiment, somehow related to yesterday’s GoT post?

    1. The kid who fell was airlifted off the site, kept in the hospital for a few days, but didn’t require surgery and is now released. Still pretty traumatic.

  22. I don’t mean to be prudish, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who, knowing this is BoingBoing and not 4chan, expected something a little more lighthearted than the screams of horror here.  Did not improve my day, and I say that as a heartless jerk.

  23. Me thinks Mark is angry over the ungenerous reception of his parenting discussion yesterday. The comments have become concern troll territory. 
    See, he has given you another reason to believe yourself superior, and you were just sitting there doing nothing. Quite the gentleman.

  24. It would be surprising if this were a hack- Mark has posted several more things this morning that are more along the lines of what he normally posts (unless they’ve been prequeued to post).  

    So if this were actually posted on purpose… pretty pathetic.  

  25. So what’s going on here?

    a) Mark is trolling his own website due to the parental discussion yesterday.

    b) Mark’s account has been compromised.

  26. Yeah. A flippant headline, two videos of life-threatening events (were these people killed or what? Or is not knowing part of the thrill?) and no context whatsoever. Classy, guys.

  27. Honestly, why did you post that?  So unnecessary and horrible.
    If something like this happened to you or your family I don’t think you would be sharing it.  The fact that you called it “Sneak Attack” implies you think it is a humorous event.
    I’d Love to hear Your thoughts on this.  
    Have a great day. Go Sneak Attack yourself or something along those lines.

    1. Really? I mean… I’m an advocat for strong moderation of a site, but I can not spot a comment that should be removed. People are upset, rightly so. Noone wants to tell BB what to post and what not, but shit needs to be pointed out. And these videos are shit.

  28. Agreed – very not-cool. There should be a ‘WARNING: Someone wailing over injury or death’ tag on this. No one needs to see this.

  29. Does Boing Boing have to resort to this kind of stuff? There are plenty of other sites that have this kind of crap. I’ve followed BB daily for four years now and this is the first time I’ve wondered WTF, why did they post that. Please don’t post more stuff like that.

  30. There’s ways of saying you’re unhappy with a post that don’t involve insulting or making judgements about people.

    Just sayin’, folks. 

  31. So, “wonderful things” now includes snuff films.  It’s good to see that Boing Boing is striving to improve its high standards. 

    Mr Frauenfelder, welcome to my killfile.  I will no longer click through on anything you post here, and if I can figure out a way to greasemonkey or adblock your posts specifically on Boing Boing, i will do so.

  32. The hell?

    First Mark wants to censor nudity and keep violence in GOTS, now he’s posting snuff videos.

    Could these be signs of a psychotic break?

  33. Have to agree with most of the comments. “Sneak attack” wasn’t NSFW. It was NSFEB. Not Suitable For Empathic Beings. Wish I had looked at the comments before clicking play.

    1. Still not sure what the point was even if you watched them muted, but at least the readers were heard.

      1. To be fair, I watched it muted and it wasn’t until I read the comments that I realized the gravity of the video. It reminded me of another dashcam video on youtube involving a brick through a windshield featuring the most haunting screams of loss you’ll ever hear in your life. 

        1. I don’t know, when I saw the crash I couldn’t fathom that there wouldn’t be a fatality, and that was before the screaming started.  And without any sound, the limp, ragdoll bounce of the guy falling from the ski-lift made it clear to me that he was seriously injured.  In both cases I would have wanted some kind of confirmation that people were not injured before I posted it.

          This was very different the series of dash-cam clips from Russia where each shot seems very clear that people were shaken up, but not seriously injured (unless they weren’t wearing seatbelts).

          1. I was specifically expecting something like the Russian dashcam videos; near misses which amaze you with a perspective you hope you’ll never experience personally, but which, nonetheless, seem to not actually have hurt anyone.

            I don’t think I’m going to forget those screams.

        2.  I watched it muted, then watched it again with the sound off looking for some sort of assurance that people were actually okay (because surely, I thought, no one would post that if it was as bad as it looked). That was a mistake.

  34. I will NOT be abandoning BoingBoing because of an honest mistake on the part of the editor. The internet has some dark and terrible places, this site isn’t one of them. I believe that it wasn’t intentional and won’t happen again.

    1. Agreed, we all make mistakes and I’m hopefully and reasonably sure Mark will vet such things a bit better in the future!

    2. Stop being reasonable.  This is the internet, you are supposed to react to everything with hysterical indignation.

      1. How dare you say something like that! Now you’ve got me so infuriated I can barely stop running around in circles and screaming long enough to express my indignation!

  35. very un-boingboing-like videos. just ruined my day watching the second one. and not sure what difference it made that the audio was off—still a horrific thing to watch.

  36. Good for you for taking it down. One of the good things about Boing Boing is that, it’s not in it just for the click and the shock value or controversy.

    This is the response of a responsible publisher.

  37. The part where you want to see what everyone was talking about even though they all say it was disgusting and shouldn’t be seen…

  38. So if a child hadn’t died, or there was no screaming in the second one, it would have been OK to post? Even with the sound off, what made him think these were “wonderful things”? WTF?

  39. Wow! I got late for this (this time I’m glad). I feel for Mark, reading the good man for years I can only begin to imagine the guilt and shame for having posted this… Lesson learned I guess. You have a huge responsibility as an editor, so many people trusting your choices…. keep up the good work, I’ll keep reading and recommending!

  40. From what I have seen elsewhere, this clip was broadcast on South Korean TV and no-one was killed. On the other hand, a comment in the youTube comments said a child had been killed. So who knows. Either way, it was pretty brutal.

  41. What next vids of kids blowing up frogs and pulling the wings off of insects? Even if a child wasn’t killed the anguished crying and blacked out screen should have been enough. If I want to see awful things there are places for that..unfortunately. Thank you for pulling it. Death or no death…not cool for BB.

  42. Don’t be to hard on yourself, Mark. The line between a “whew that was close” and snuff film isn’t always clear, especially with the sound off.

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