Vote Hitler

Adolf Hitler is among candidates for office in Meghalaya, India. Adolf L. Hitler, that is. [Reuters]


  1. India played little role in World War II, and many Indians view Hitler not as the personification of evil but as a figure of fascination.

    Sure, except the North East, we weren’t a battleground, but seriously?

    There’s a reason the Indo-Burma railway was built, y’know…

  2. It’s a little disconcerting that his father named him Adolf Hitler because of “a fascination with Great Britain’s archenemy”. Hey, Pol Pot is a fascinating character too. How many people name their kids after him?

    This isn’t, as I first thought, merely a case of someone being unlucky enough to be born with the name Hitler. I’ve always thought Hitler (the little short German guy with the Charlie Chaplin moustache that is) ruined the family name. Not to mention the name Adolf. One of the nicest people I ever knew was a man I knew simply as “Al”. It was only after I’d known him several years that, having been born well before World War II, his parents named him Adolf. He never changed his name, but I think it’s a shame he didn’t want to be called that either.

    1.  Then there’s Arthur, fka Adolph, aka Harpo, but he apparently changed his name back before WWI, let alone WWII.

    2. Well, it’s fairly common here; we have Stalin, Napoleon, and I’ve run across quite a few Lenins. A forest guide who took us around in Parambikulam Reserve Forest was called Jimmy Carter.

      Yes, some people really name their kids like that. They have no idea who the person is, they just want to name them after someone (in)famous…

  3. I suppose it would derail any attempts at Godwinning discussions in the legislature.

    Shankar: And finally, let me remind you who else voted to retain daylight savings time: Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler: What are you talking about, Shankar?  None of us have voted yet, we’re still debating the bill.

  4. I used to teach at the University of Toronto, and one of my colleagues had an undergraduate student named Adolf Hitler. I learned of this Hitler initially because students using the timesharing server were complaining on the local newsgroups about seeing someone logged in with the name “Adolf Hitler” when they used the finger command. The computer lab staff had to patiently explain that no, the system hadn’t been hacked, and yes, Adolf Hitler was the real name of the student. I later found out that one of my friends was teaching this guy. I asked about him, and my friend said he was Indian and seemed like a nice guy. Maybe he was from the same part of the country as the guy from this story.

    1. I shared this story with a friend of mine who works with international students. He replied, “That explains why one of our students from India is named Ted Kennedy.” 

    2. Hmmm…..was he Brahman?  There actually are arcane pseudoscientific theories about the fictional Aryan race, which Hitler searched for all the way to Tibet. 

  5. In countries with a conflicted history with the British empire, the locals often think of Hitler as a hero. One of the leaders of the ZANU farm invasions was named Hitler by his followers.

    1. Hitler wrote a great length about his desire to partner with the English against the French, and he had plenty of fans in the Royal Family.  

        1. As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, what made “The Kings Speech” a steaming pile of crap was that the king did not persuade the country that Nazism was a threat – the labor unions knew Hitler would exterminate them.  The conservatives (Neville Chamberlain) saw Hitler as a guy they could deal with, and probably would have welcomed him in the fight against Bolshevism.  And Hitler was absolutely a monarchist who saw constitutional government as unnatural, and he surely would have grandfathered the royal family in as true Aryans. 

  6. My friend is a college professor in Singapore and said the students often have little badges on their backpacks with Hitler’s face on it. He asked a few about it and they had only vague ideas of who Hitler was- it was just a trendy thing to have. There are often little Hitler prints up in shops too. 

  7. Well they did save Hitler’s brain after all.

    I hope he doesn’t run against Stalin, things could get ugly.

  8. Alessandra Mussolini complained that she wasn’t being given a fair crack of the whip in Italian politics because of her grandfather’s bad name; still she looked pretty fit in Playboy, so she wasn’t all bad.

  9. “I am aware at one point of time Adolf Hitler was the most hated person on Earth for the genocide of the Jews. But my father added ‘Lu’ in between, naming me Adolf Lu Hitler, and that’s why I am different.”

    If I were that guy I’d probably be trying to emphasize some of the other things that made me different from my namesake, like “I have no plans to orchestrate any genocides.”

    1. People like that deserve to be force fed a copy of Mein Kampf one page at a time. 

      Keep in mind that Nazism is a pile of conspiracy theories about how the liberals are going to kill and enslave all the white people, and the Nazis claimed they were merely acting in self defense against the real genocidal monsters the Jews.

      Your friend is probably stuffed full of nazi talking points which he believes as fervently as Hitler’s most loyal inner circle.  

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